First a Little Background
I have had so many conversations over the past few months in regards to getting good coffee at home. People ask me all the time, “How come I cannot get my coffee to taste like such and such coffee shop at home? I grind it properly, I use the dosage they say to. What’s wrong? Is it my coffee maker? Why does the coffee I make at home just not taste as good?” And every time I give the same answer, “It’s the water.” Obviously the above mentioned things are very important but the main difference between your house and Starbucks or Peets is the quality of the water. Almost all premium coffee shops at the very least triple filter their water.

coffee steaming

Here’s what happens:

You buy a new at home brewer, you buy premium beans, you have it ground for you to make sure it’s right or you buy a really nice grinder so that your coffee is super fresh and then you take your coffee pot and put it under your tap which has all sorts of nasty stuff in it beside water. Over time the inside of you pot start accumulating minerals and chemicals which again affects the taste of your precious cup of coffee.

OK… So What Do I do?

You can do one of two things now that you know why your coffee at home is sub-par. 1) Throw your current “old trusty” in the trash & buy a new brewer. (Preferable one that heats the water to above 200 Degrees. I recommend Bunn Brewers) 2) If you don’t have the extra cash – clean your current machine with 1 part vinegar, 2 parts water. DO NOT clean it wish soap or any other detergent – that would be a bad move.

Whatever you decide to do remember this – Coffee is 98% water, If you use a sub-par water source then your coffee will be 100% sub-par. (Oh and never use distilled water. Just clean filtered water each and every time.)

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