What is Ground Coffee?

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Question: What is Ground Coffee?


Ground coffee is coffee that’s broken down in to tiny pieces and then usually saturated with water. There are many ways to grind coffee. The two most commons ways to grind coffee are blade and burr grinders. Blade grinders are less expensive but produce an uneven grind which produces a bitter-tasting cup of coffee. Burr grinders grind the coffee more uniform and even thus providing for a better tasting cup.

Ground Coffee Brewing

The picture above shows coffee which was ground with a burr grinder in its three different stages. The stages ground coffee goes through are:

Stage 1: Dry Coffee Grounds

The goal with grinding coffee right before brewing is to make sure optimum freshness and perfect flavor are achieved. The best way to make sure optimum freshness is to store your coffee in a cool dry place within a sealed container. The perfect flavor can best be achieved (though there are other factors) with a burr grinder and brewing within 10 minutes of grinding your coffee.

Stage 2: Wet Coffee Grounds

The goal with wetting coffee is to extract it’s a pleasing flavor profile. There are many ways to brew coffee but the goal with all of them is to fully saturate the ground coffee evenly to draw out its full flavor potential.

Stage 3: Fully Saturated Coffee Grounds

If stage 2 was done properly then your grounds are ready can be placed in your compost pile. Fully saturated coffee grounds are fertilizer for you’re at home garden.

How do you grind coffee?

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  1. joanna

    well, until now I’ve ground my coffee beans with blade grinder. And now I am aware this is only one way possible.
    I may want to try other ways, to compare taste of finished drink coming from various grinding methods :)