What is a Cappuccino?

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What is a cappuccino?


A cappuccino is a coffee drink comprised of steamed milk, foam and espresso. The bottom layer is espresso, the middle layer is steamed milk and the top layer is foam. The ratio of milk to foam will differ depending on who is preparing the drink and how you prefer the drink to be made.

Assuming that the barista pulled a good shot of espresso, the main thing that will differentiate one cappuccino from another is the way the milk is steamed. It is very important that this coffee drink be made up of micro bubble foam. This ensures that the drink will have a pleasing sweetness and optimum consistency.

Dry or Wet

There are two types of cappuccinos. A dry cappuccino is made up primarily of foam. A wet cappuccino is made up of more milk than a traditional cappuccino but less than a cafe latte.

What is your favorite way to enjoy a cappuccino?

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