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French Press Velton's Coffee

There has been a buzz in the blogosphere (cornerofthecafe, thecoffeeadventures, dailyshotofcoffee) about Velton’s Coffee lately and so naturally I wanted to see if the end product lived up to the “hype”. It is a well-known fact that our sponsor Seattle Coffee Gear holds Velton’s Coffee in high regard and while I love Kat and Gail I had to find out for myself if it was all the deliciousness that they believe that it is. So I got my hands on some and I have been brewing, smelling and tasting it for the past few days in every brew method know to man. Onward to the tasting!

Velton’s Kenya Coffee Info

origin: Karindundu, Nyeri, Kenya
farm: Gatuiriri
elevation: 1700-1800 meters above sea level
cultivars: SL-28
process: washed
certifications: Organic


Even before I ground this coffee I could smell fruit and lemon exuding from the bag. As I ground it the most pleasant cranberry fruit and ginger spice floated out. In the cup I smelled cranberry, lemon and ginger. My mouth was watering.


If you know me then you know I am a huge fan of ridiculously bright acidity in coffee. That said, I really expected to experience that in this coffee but I did not. What I did experience was a playful acidity that morphed into a creamy body that I have never experienced in a Kenya to this level. I have to say the acidity, creaminess, body, fruit and ginger all work to make this one of the most balanced Kenya’s I have ever had.


93+ points out of 100

Aroma: 9
Acidity: 8
Body: 9
Flavor: 9
Aftertaste: 9

 Who Should Buy This Coffee?

I am not going to be shy in saying that every single person reading this needs to pick up a bag of this coffee. Many times I will qualify who the coffee I am reviewing is best suited for and you know what I will do that same here:  This coffee is suited well for anyone that  drinks coffee.

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