November 28, 2015

Understanding Behmor Profiles

If you have ever used a Behmor or have had the opportunity to see one in person you may have seen the P1-P5 buttons. At first, they can be very confusing, but thanks to the manual and internet, I now have a guideline for which profile setting to use for each region of coffee.

P1-2 All centrals, Peruvian and Colombians
P3 Brazilians, Africans, SE Asians, Malabar, Jamaican Blue Mtn and Yauco Selecto (Puerto Rican)

P4-5 Kona and other low grown island coffees

These aren’t a set in stone kind of profile guidelines. These are just for the newbies like me who have no clue how to create a good roast just yet. Also, once your tastes start to evolve you will start to change each roast to your preference. Right now this is a great thing to have.

I have had the chance to roast a couple of batches of coffee, but the one that came close to perfect was Brazil Canaan – Sol de Minas 100% Red Bourbon.

Batch Size: 6oz
Profile: P3
1st Crack: 15:55min / Stopped roast while still in 1st crack
Total Time: 17min

I wanted to get a medium roast out of this batch (shown above). I watched the Behmor like a hawk as the beans changed colors throughout the roast.

At 17min in, the roast looked perfect so I pulled it off. After the coffee had rested for about 5 days I was excited to try it out. The only worry I have is that I may have baked the beans which I may have.

The coffee tastes pretty good, but the fruity notes didn’t come out as much as I wanted. I am thinking of changing the profile setting down to P2 and trying seeing where that gets me.

Take a look Jamie’s website: The Coffee Adventures.

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