Tupelo, A Unique Coffee House in Sacramento


If you are looking for a coffee house that is unique and not your average cup of joe, then you definitely want to check out Tupelo Coffee House in the beautiful Sacramento, the Capital of California. Just passing by Tupelo, one day, sparked my curiosity because it was unique. So today I took a couple of friends back with me to experience Tupelo.

Tupelo-Sacramento-Coffee-HouseTupelo Coffee House
5700 Elvas Ave, Sacramento, CA

My Experience
Written by Sheryl Sarmento

The atmosphere inside peaceful with a subdued, relaxing ambiance. Outside they have a beautiful patio with flowers and vines, giving it a garden feel. There have plenty of places to sit, inside and out. They must have good wifi because plenty of people there are always on the Internet. Their costumer service is friendly and accommodating. Their product is my favorite because they have an International menu. All their coffee is brewed full body with no aftertaste. They have an assortment of coffee’s even Vietnamese and Thai coffee, yummy! It’s like going to another country without having to leave home. Best of all, it is within walking distance from my house. I would recommend this Coffee House to anyone.

My Rating – 4 out of 5 Stars

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The Breakdown
Environment – 4 Stars
Customer Service – 4 Stars
Products – 5 Stars
Skill – 4 Stars
Wifi – 4 Stars

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  1. sheryl

    Thanks Niel for the encouraging feedback. . Yes, I feel blessed to have Tupelo right near me and cannot wait to check out the other coffee houses that they have opened.

  2. Neil

    Sheryl, nicely done! It says a lot that the manager took the time to be interviewed on camera. The place looks very inviting and it sounds as if they had a unique selection of regular coffees in addition to the plethora of coffee based milk drinks. How fortunate you are to have a place like Tupelo so near your home.