Top 5 Coffee Vending Machines

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Coffee Vending Machines

Have you ever ordered coffee from a coffee vending machine? When I was a kid, I remember ordering a Mocha from a hospital vending machine Coffee vending machine. It was watery hot chocolate with a mild stale coffee flavor. Coffee vending machines have come a long way since then. In this article we’ll take a look at the Top 5 Coffee Vending Machines from Wilkes Group Vending*.

coffee vending machine

This article is for those looking for a comparison on the different types of coffee vending machines available. I cannot overstate this fact enough, If you are looking for the best tasting cup of coffee the best way to accomplish this is to make it yourself. That said, let’s take a look at the coffee vending machines available today.


This is the style of machine you see in hospitals and reception halls. The strength of this style machine is that it can handle a huge volume of drinks and is the reason they are so ideal for places that get high traffic but don’t have the space or resources for a full-blown coffee bar. The downside to this type of coffee vending machine is the sacrifice you make in quality. They are also extremely versatile and can make soup, hot chocolate and coffee.

Table Top

Table Tops are similar to the freestanding coffee vending machine, with similar plusses and minuses, but take up much less space. This style of machine would work in a business office or cubicle setting.

In Cup

This is the lowest cost of entry option and would make sense in just about any setting. If you want an easy way to make coffee available for your employees or customers yet don’t want to fork out the money on a freestanding or bean-to-cup machine then this would be a good option for you.

Bean To Cup

Bean to cup is the probably the option that I am most excited about. Going from whole-bean to a finished product is by far the best way to go from a quality standpoint. If you are going to go with this or the Coffee House Experience option then I would high suggest getting a coffee that will do this brewing method justice. I would push you towards buying whole-bean from a local roaster that can give you tips and tricks on getting the best flavor out of the coffee being brewed.

Coffee House Experience

Your cost of entry on the Coffee House Experience option is on the higher end of the scale. It is ideal in a low volume business office, café, restaurant or hospital setting. Again, if you are going with this option find a coffee business that roast coffee fresh each week and can deliver the product to your doorstep.

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  1. James Ward

    Japan definitely has the best vending machines. Do you think its a bad culture if people dont want to talk to a shop keeper but would rather get it from a machine??