Top 5 Coffee Brewing Methods

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Jason Coffee

#1 – Drip

Drip Coffee Brewing MethodThe Drip brewing method has been around since 1905 and was invented in Germany by Melitta Bentz in 1908. This is the brewing method that most consumers use when brewing coffee at home. The major benefit to using this brewing method is being able to brew large amounts of coffee at one time. Another more recent benefit to brewing coffee this way is using less paper by using a mess reusable filter. See our latest review of a drip coffee maker.

#2 – French Press

french-press-coffee The French Press brewing method has been around since the 1850’s but was first patented by Italian designer Attilio Calimani in 1929. A french press is the way that we brew coffee here at Coffee Cup News when we do reviews. The reason for this is that it helps maximize the flavor output of the coffee. While this may not provide the “cleanest” tasting cup of coffee it closely resembles cupping coffee, which we will cover below. Check out our video how to on preparing a french press.

#3 – Espresso

espresso-machine-brevilleThe Espresso brewing method has been around since the very early 20th century and was first patented by Luigi Bezzera of Milan, Italy, in 1901. This concept was first brought to America in full strength by Starbucks Coffee who is a Seattle based coffee company and are now the biggest retail coffee chain in the world. Some of the most popular espresso drinks made using this brewing method are Latte, Mocha, Cappuccino, Macchiato and Espresso con Panna. Watch Matt as he shows us how to pull a good shot of espresso in our Coffee Forums.

#4 – Chemex

chemex-coffee The Chemex brewing method was invented in 1931 by Peter Schlumbohm but has only recently grown in popularity among coffee geeks. I have found that this brewing method is still not widely known amongst the average coffee drinker. The biggest benefit to this brewing method is how clean of a cup of coffee it produces. Brewing in a Chemex can be take some time to perfect and has quite an art to it. Check out our tutorial on this brewing method.

#5 – Cupping   


Coffee Cupping is the brewing method the pros use in selecting coffee to roast to then sell to consumers. During this process the Master Taster is looking for defects in the coffee as well as positive attributes including: body, sweetness, acidity, flavor and aftertaste. Shockingly enough Coffee Cupping is one of the easiest brewing methods and can be done at home. I will be posting a step by step how to do this at home sometime this week. We recently went down to The Roasterie in Kansas City where we were shown first hand what a Master Taster does everyday.

What is your favorite brewing method? Don’t see your favorite listed here, tell us!

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  1. Daniel J.

    Let me just inform you, but I am spoiled by coffee and its’ many uses and by the gang at Benettis in Raytown, that have opened my eyes to Cold Brewing through my fantastic French Press! Wheweee, low acidicity, less bitter, smooth, and stomach tolerable. My wife makes expresso brownies, especially made with #1 blend of dark unique beans by Benettis, ooooo so rich and good! Is your mouth watering yet! I challenge each one of you reading this to experiment and try a method that you are not used to it, invite some friends over and have fun!

  2. florian

    i like the hario v60 over the chemex. chemex is too clean for me, it filters out the flavor and the oils. hario lets more oils through

  3. Kathryn Mcgehee

    I adore my French press, but I have also grown fond of ibrik prepared turkish coffee. Then again, I live in a place called “little bosnia” and the locals turned me on to it. I also apreciate a great cafe su da (vietnemese coffee that brews itself into your cup through its own contraption…..not sure what it is called)

  4. Jonny Why

    I personally own a DeLonghi Icona Eco 310. It has the built in steamer, it has made many a perfect cuppa. Had it for about a year now and although it vibrates while steaming the milk, it is still very reliable. At a push it can make 2 cups at the same time which is handy as the missus loves one too.

  5. Daniel

    Great article. I prefer the Aeropress for my morning brew, but it becomes a hassle if I need to make coffee for multiple people. I have a drip maker for those mornings when I just can’t move, however. As much as coffee aficionados hate drip machines, you can’t deny they’re convenient.

  6. marvin nubwaxer

    “Starbucks Coffee who were a Seattle based coffee company and have ground to be . . .”
    Grammatical/spelling errors terminate my reading on any website. FAIL. I think “grown” is what the proofreader missed.

  7. canuk_guy

    My favourite ways to make my coffee is my coffee press and my moka pot. It’s always fun to see how the two make a different, yet similar tasting coffee cup with the same beans. Press this morning with Konakaze.

      • canuk_guy

        I really like the Konakaze. More so from my press than moka pot, but this morning I did have Konakaze from the moka pot and it was very good. I can’t get all the nuances out of a coffee that you can, but I do notice a difference from coffee to coffee. I just can’t put it in specific terms.

  8. Nebula Haze - Cannabis Growing Hobbyist

    The French press is my favorite quick way to make coffee. However, I am not a purist. My favorite easy/tasty method is to pour a cup of milk and heat it in the microwave. Then I add sugar, instant coffee, and some delicious flavored creamer. My favorite is Pumpkin Pie Creamer right now. You can get great flavored creamers for $2 a piece at Target which don’t contain wither High Fructose Corn syrup or Hydrogenated oils! I know some people don’t like instant coffee, but you can barely tell with all the other delicious flavors going on. The heated milk gives the whole cup a creamy, frothy consistency that feels like I just went to the local Coffee Shop.

    The whole process takes less than five minutes and I can boil the milk directly in my microwave-proof coffee mug so I only have to clean the mug.

  9. hburgcook

    If you have a few extra minutes, the Cona vacuum brewer is a beautiful and fascinating way to brew a very smooth cup of coffee.

  10. ashok

    I ONLY brew in a french press – it is the best tasting cup I have ever had :) I have about 6 different french presses as well as a stove top espresso maker and a chemex maker but I default to the french press daily – paired with a fresh roast every morning my french press makes the perfect cup!

  11. Mark

    I love the Clever Coffee Dripper. Gives the wonderful rich taste of french press without sediment or clean-up hassle. I brew it straight into my 16 oz travel mug (hey, it’s from Starbucks) and it stays hot for a long long time.

  12. Julie

    My favorite is the espresso brewing method. However, I only have a French press to compare to. I like the French press too, but I just use my espresso machine more.

  13. Twitter Fail

    My favorite method is “someone else making it for me.” If I prepare it myself, I go with drip – I want my coffee fast, and convenient. Everything else is too much fuss for me. Also, I use paper filters. The mesh ones add a metallic taste I don’t like.