Top 3 Coffee Break Benefits

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Jason Coffee

Coffee Break is the most amazing part of my day. If you are like me coffee breaks have become a part of your daily routine. Taking a break for coffee is like having a mini vacation, no matter what I was doing moments before. For me this routine has multiple benefits that help strengthen my body, mind and relationships.

Top 3 Coffee Break Benefits


As you know, Coffee is the best beverage ever and therefore has many properties to it that help maintain the health of our body. Coffee breaks help strengthen our bodies coffee’s antioxidants. The antioxidants in coffee have numerous health benefits. So if you want to maximize your vitality while drinking something that tastes amazing grab a cup of coffee on your next break at work.


Caffeine is known for it’s ability to help you think sharply and increase your ability to retain information. Taking a coffee break is not only beneficial in the moment but also pays out dividends later in the day by helping you work with an increased mental efficiency. So next time you have trouble remembering a colleague’s name take time for a 20 minute coffee break.


As you know, Coffee makes you a better person and thus helps us establish and maintain good relationships with people. I can think of no better way to spend time with friends than enjoying a good cup of coffee. Coffee helps stimulate conversation and puts you in a better mood while you enjoy it. So next time a friends says they want to hang out meet up at a local coffee shop or better yet make a Chemex at home.

Why do you take a coffee break?

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  1. Richars

    Definitely agree that coffee keeps you motivated. When I’m at work and struggling to get my head around something, just taking a break to get a coffee gives me a clear head (and a buzz!)

  2. Anna Brown

    Hello Coffee Keen-os:) There is indeed nothing quite like a frothy cappucino in the morning, or anytime really- with a little layer of chocolate and perhaps a hazelnut or caramel shot…*swoon* This tea thing, it’s overrated…

  3. Alex

    Ahh.. the coffee break.. I’m in college right now in the middle of finals week and coffee is very beneficial! What I usually do when it is time to take a break from studying is this: brew up a fresh cup and relax for a few moments while I wait for my coffee to cool down. Once I can drink it without worrying about the temperature, I open up the books and get back to it!