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As you know probably know we love coffee and have blogged about it for quite sometime now, 4 years to be exact. We have also been a source of inspiration for many others to start their how coffee blog. In this post I am going to share my current list Top 10 coffee blogs list and hopefully inspire a few more to do the same.

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Top 10 Coffee Blogs

Coffee Cup News – For obvious reasons we had to include ourselves in this list.  Coffee website run and owned by Jason Coffee with videos, reviews, informational posts, discussion forums, posts and lively social media presence.

Coffee Geek – This is a coffee website owned by Mark Prince which boasts lively coffee forums, comprehensive machine reviews from the team and consumers.

Daily Shot of Coffee –  A Coffee blog, with fun and informative reviews, started in March of  2009 by Mike Crimmins.

Dear Coffee I Love You – Simple and clean coffee blog in which writer Brian Jones shares cool coffee stuff.

Pure Coffee Blog – Bill reviews coffee and tea shops as well as coffee and tea at home.

I Need Coffee – A wealth of coffee information started by Michael Allen Smith in 1999.

In My Mug – A video blog about coffee by owner Stephen Leighton of Has Bean Coffee.

Sprudge – Source of insider coffee news and quarky posts about coffee.

The Coffee Adventures – Jamie has been posting coffee reviews non stop since December of 2009.

Coffee Nate – Nate Smith posts a new video about once a month. The videos are always informative with a shot of Nate’s fun and unique personality.

If you are now inspired to start your own coffee blog we would love to hear from you. Shoot us an email or leave a comment below to share your coffee passion with the group.

*This list is no particular order.

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