It wasn’t too long ago that I thought Dunkin Donuts coffee overflowing with sugar and cream was good coffee. It was bad. I was drinking coffee from cans with labels like Foldgers and Maxwell, worrying more about price per pound than the taste of the coffee that I was drinking.

Got a Dunkin' Donuts Coffee

Then I got the crazy idea to start a coffee blog and my life hasn’t been the same since!

Before Daily Shot Of Coffee, I had a twenty dollar Mr. Coffee drip coffee maker and a cheap blade coffee grinder sitting on my kitchen counter. However, today that counter looks a lot different.

It didn’t take long for my Mr. Coffee to disappear when I discovered that high quality coffee makers equals better tasting coffee. It started with drip coffee makers with thermal carafes and thousands of watts to produce a more flavorful coffee.

But I wasn’t done. Everyone was talking about their French Presses. I thought French Presses were something that could only be found at fancy restaurants. However, after a little bit of trial and error, I was tasting coffee like I had never tasted it before. Suddenly, there were intricate mixes of flavors that I had never imagined.

The Maxwell House was replaced by coffees from all over the globe. I’ve been fortunate to taste rare coffees like Jamaican Blue Mountain and Hawiian Kona. I tasted Kopi Luwak, a coffee that some consider weird and my friends have proclaimed that they would never try. You can bet there’s no way I would’ve tried that a couple of years ago at Dunkin Donuts. I’ve also had coffee that was roasted by hand. Who even knew that people roasted coffee by hand?

But for me, the most exciting part isn’t the fancy gadgets or the world class coffees, it’s meeting the fellow coffee fanatics and discovering that coffee was more than a source of caffeine.

The journey isn’t over for me yet. Sometime in the near future, I’m going to try roasting my own coffee. If by some miracle, it’s any good, I may share it with my new found coffee friends. Plus, I’d like to upgrade to a full fledged espresso machine. That’s a whole other world that I look forward to exploring.

Mike is the caffeinated blogger behind Daily Shot Of Coffee. You can find him there reviewing coffee, equipment and rooting for the Yankees.

Photo by Steve Garfield