Tasting Home Roasted Coffee

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Jason Coffee
Home Roasting

This is a taste test of the coffee that we roasted in yesterdays episode.

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  1. Ryan

    This has been really fun to watch. Jason, I have been a watcher and reader of the site for a little while now and I really enjoy all of the entries. You have a ton of great information and I really love the roasting part now. I have been roasting for about a year now with starting the hobby just like you in a popcorn popper. I upgraded to the Fresh Roast Plus 8 and now am looking to upgrade again because you can never get a consistent roast in nice cool Wisconsin winters.

    So anyway, please keep the roasting portion, and everything for that matter, coming because they are very enjoyable and I am learning a ton. I hope to continue to contribute my insight everywhere I can.

    Happy Brewing (and Roasting)


  2. mattcreynolds

    Brilliant episode.

    I’m excited to see where you go with this Jason!
    I’ve been roasting for 3+ years, feel free to pm or email me if you have any questions I can help with.

    QOTD: I’d love to see you roasting/ tasting/ etc and getting involved. All the best!

    – Matt

  3. ArtofExtraction

    Even a “bad” home roast is better than most pre-roasted coffee, and when you nail it, or even just come close to nailing it, there is nothing that compares because it is awesome coffee and you have the satisfaction of knowing that you had a part in making it what it is.
    Great job Jason. I am looking forward to your future roasts.

    qotd? Yes, of course. I love to watch others as they explore aspects of coffee they have never before experienced, but I like your idea of only doing it once each week or two.