3 Stove Top Coffee Brewing Methods

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Stove Top Coffee

These days there are so many different types of coffee brewing methods to choose from, with more popping up every month.  In this article we will cover 3 types of stove top coffee brewing methods, which include: Turkish Coffee, Moka Pot Coffee and Coffee Syphon.

Moka Pot Coffee

Moka Pot coffee emerged as a stove top coffee brewing method in 1933  when it was patented by inventor Luigi De Ponti for Alfonso Bialetti. This brewing method is sometimes referred to as Stove Top Espresso because of the concentration of strength and crema produced. Though Moka Pots have only 1.5 bars of pressure applied and espresso machine have a minimum of 9 bars of pressure applied during brewing.  Moka Pots produce coffee by passing hot water pressurized with steam through ground coffee. The pot should be pulled from the heat before the coffee comes to a boil.

Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee is a stove top coffee brewing method that has been around for ages, starting in the 15th century Yemen (when it was, and many times still is, brewed over an open fire). Turkish coffee is prepared with very finely ground coffee and is boiled in a pot with sugar added. During preparation Turkish coffee is brewed on a low heat setting and is removed from the heat just before it comes to a boil (Up to 3 times depending on who is preparing it.) It is then served in small demitasse glasses and is never to be stirred.

Coffee Syphon

The Coffee Syphon is a unique stove top coffee brewing method. It uses a vacuum, when the water comes to a boil it moves to the top portion of the brewer where to coffee is immersed in water. When the coffee is done brewing the syphon is removed from the heat and gravity pulls the water back down through the filter. The coffee is then ready for consumption!

Which stove top brewing method is your favorite?

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