Jason reviews Starbucks Via and compares it to regular brewed coffee to see if he can taste the difference between the two in this blind tasting.

Starbucks Via Review

They conducted many of these taste tests in Starbucks coffee shops around the United States but they used scolding hot water. A person’s palette needs the coffee to be significantly cooler for them to really be able to differentiate the flavor profiles of two different beverages of the same type. This plays a major factor in deciding which one tastes better. With this fact in mind Jason allowed the coffee to cool a bit before comparing the flavor of these to coffees. In one cup he had regular brewed coffee, in the other Starbucks Via, let’s see if he can tell the difference.

Coffee & Description

Starbucks VIA Instant Coffee

An instant coffee by Starbucks that they say tastes just as good as regular coffee.

Question of the Day?

Have you tried Starbucks VIA or other instant coffee with ganoderma? What do you think?

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