Do you like Starbucks VIA?

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Jason Coffee

I have people ask me on a regular basis, “What do you think of Starbuck VIA? or Do you like the new Starbucks VIA Veranda?” So I thought I would settle it once and for all in this post. Let me first start of by saying that when I do reviews of things like Starbucks VIA or OrGano Gold I do it through different lens. I rate it for what it is. This is instant coffee so I rate it based on that preface. I am not scoring it against fresh ground whole bean coffee, which we all know is better (Even the creators of these products on some level know this as well.)

Below are my official reviews of each of these coffees. Sometime in the future I will edit this post to include a text review of these coffees but that day is not today. (I apologize to the people this really puts at an inconvenience. I have a lot more on my plate lately and I barely had the time to type this short post but I wanted to get these up ASAP.)

However, I can tell you that I had a clear favorite within all of these different tastings.

Enjoy the below reviews and let me know if you have a favorite in comments.

Starbucks VIA Christmas Blend

Starbucks VIA Veranda Blend

Starbucks VIA House Blend

Starbucks VIA Breakfast Blend

Starbucks VIA Colombia

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  1. Name

    I only drink instant coffee it it is International flavored coffee.. Yummy!!!! I love watching your tastings. Keep up the good work…

  2. JimsJava

    Read a sampling of customer reviews for these coffees to see that there is no accounting for taste in the majority of palates. Words like “full bodied”, “robust”, “yum”, and “rich” abound. I’m guessing many of these reviewers think coffee only comes from a cardboard Starbucks cup and would be hard-pressed to tell you how to make a cup of coffee at home. I have tried 2 of the Via coffees and then was forced to treat the kind soul who offered them to some fresh, home roasted coffee to reset their taste buds. I AM changing America’s taste buds one cup at a time.

  3. Edward Alt

    Via is great for travel and/or backpacking. All you need is a cup and hot water. Having said that, I still take my home roasted coffee pre ground backpacking with a MSR filter that sits in the coffee cup, and pour water just off the boil thru the grounds and let it sit for 4 minutes before removing the filter and grounds.