Starbucks Mugs, collect them all

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Jason Coffee

If you are or have a friend that is a Starbucks fanatic then you will know about the underground movement of Starbucks mug collectors. Starbucks has a mug for every major city on the planet where a Starbucks is located. Until recently I did not realize just how many of my friends on facebook and twitter were apart of this Starbucks collectors phenomenon. Some of my friends have hug collections while others have unique collections. Do you collect Starbucks mugs? Tweet @CoffeeCupNews a photo and we’ll feature it in our stream or add it to this blog post.

Starbucks City Mugs

Starbucks Mugs City

@JasonTurcotte‘s Starbucks City Mugs Collection

starbucks mugs wall

My facebook friend Ed Wilson’s collection

Starbucks Mugs Europe Cities

Long time reader and friend: Betsy Eves of‘s Starbucks Mugs

caramel hot chocolate starbucks mug

Jen’s Just Desserts’ salted caramel hot chocolate in Starbucks City Mugs

Starbucks Mugs on Twitter

minecraft starbucks mug

Follower @lyracole tweeted us this photo of @Wongster360‘s ¬†special edition¬†Starbucks Minecraft mug this morning.

starbucks canada

Follower @HR_ScottBoulton tweeted us this Starbucks Canada Mug this morning.

Rare Starbucks Mugs

Rare Starbucks Mug Mistake

StarbucksMelody shares a rare Starbucks mug with a mistake

Do you have Starbucks Mugs?


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