Coffee Gas Station?

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Jason Coffee

A car that runs on coffee? Gas station pumps with Starbucks used grounds? A year ago you might have said that sounded ridiculous but today it looks almost within reach, almost.

Coffee-CarPicture by Daily Mail

A few months back we had a story come through the pipeline about coffee being the fuel of the future. Well, it looks like the future is here. The car’s name is Car-puccino and according to Daily Mail, “The car will be driven the 210 miles between Manchester and London powered only by roasted coffee granules. It has been built by a team from the BBC1 science programme Bang Goes The Theory and will go on display at the Big Bang science fair in Manchester to show how fuels other than conventional petrol and diesel can power vehicles.”

This car gets about 1 mile per pound of coffee meaning it gets about 1 mile per every 56 shots of espresso. At that rate it will take over 154 pounds of coffee for Car-puccino to reach it’s destination. I don’t know about you but to me that sounds like a lot of refills between Manchester and London. Though in this economy and  with Starbucks offering free grounds for your garden, I mean fuel tank, I might try to become a beta tester. At any rate science once again takes a huge step towards something amazing. Well here’s to the best smelling car on the planet!

Would you want to beta test this delicious car?

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  1. Scott

    If regular coffee makes it go, does it just sit there if given decaf?

    If you put in instant coffee, does it teleport to its destination?

  2. Joe Riccomini

    What a cool concept. What would really be cool is if it could brew coffee for the driver while its powering the car. I am all for smelling coffee fumes over car smog.
    Who knows maybe in 5-10 years we will all be driving jo-mobiles.

  3. Neil

    So, if this really were to go into production, instead of going to the gas station to get coffee, would people go to the “Coffee Station” to get gas?

  4. Neil

    Finally, a use for all those mass produced pre-ground coffees like Folgers! I trust that the car will function as well regardless of the brand so that the high quality specialty roast stuff can be saved for those of us who appreciate good coffee.