Starbucks vs Dunkin’

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Jason Coffee
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Ever since Dunkin’ Donuts came out ahead in a National taste test you have been asking me to do this comparison tasting. Finally you get to see which one is better, Starbucks or Dunkin’.

Starbucks Vs Dunkin’

Which one do you like better Dunkin’ Donuts or Starbucks Coffee?

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  1. Trisha L.

    I’ve never been a fan of Starbucks House Blend. I get why you compared these two coffees. I love Starbucks, but never drink their House Blend. The only thing I don’t like about Dunkin Donuts is that is tastes like Honey Smacks to me and I don’t like that cereal at all!!!

  2. J.Mill

    I still like Starbucks better, although I don’t buy the ground kind (I’m a whole bean, home-grind, french press gal). I think what you called “ashtray” I interpret as “bold”. I get more of the nuttiness from Sbux. Maybe I’m used to it. Maybe it’s because I’m Midwestern and we aren’t as into DD. Do you think brand allegiance is regional?

    • Jason Coffee

      Because for many people this is the choice they are making when they are in a grocery store. And their reality is not premium coffee. Hopefully in doing these reviews it will act as a funnel to better tasting coffee through discovering some of the reviews we have done.

    • Bill Rowland


      That’s a pretty hilarious comparison. What, two train wrecks?

      For the record, I enjoy both types of coffee at different times… kinda like Joan and Courtney….

  3. Mike Santullo

    OK…I now have tried and have in my coffee “roto rack”, both Starbucks & Dunkin coffee K-CUPS. While I am a die-heart STARBUCKS user, I recently purchased the DUNKIN K-Cups and was pleasantly surprised that Dunkin cups are indeed a better cup of coffee. The Dunkin vs. Starbucks taste test convinced me conclusively that Dunkin has an overall better flavor…Rich, nutty, full-bodied, slightly sweet flavor and overall balanced taste. The Starbucks K-Cups were a bit bitter and not as strong as the Dunkin and on the weak side. I am slowly switching to Dunkin and also Prima Barista Italian & French Roasts for a fuller more tasty cup where the “full nectar” of the coffee bean is evident.

    Mike Santullo
    Albuquerque, New Mexico USA.