Starbucks Coffee in Lees Summit – Episode #192

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Jason Coffee

My brother Allan and I were out buying some stuff for my Mom’s new television, which has YouTube and Netflix, so we decided to stop at the Starbucks Coffee in the Summit Woods Crossing shopping center.

It was just your average visit. I walked in and noticed the loby was pretty clean with a couple people having a conversation in the comfy chairs near the front door. As we walked to the front register the barista polity asked what we would like. My brother ordered a Mocha Frappuccino and I went with a tall Pike Place, not really by choice it was the only thing brewed. The coffee was fresh brewed and the service average. This visit didn’t really blow my socks off but it also didn’t irreparably scar me from ever coming back either.

Starbucks Coffee
1702 NW Chipman Rd
Lees Summit, MO 64081

My Rating – 3 out of 5 Stars
Environment – 3 Stars
Customer Service – 2.5 Stars
Products – 3 Stars
Skill – 2.5 Stars
Wifi – 5 Stars
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What was your last visit to Starbucks like?

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  1. 2pencil

    During a recent trip to NYC we had a horrible visit at a Starbucks. We must have gone to 5 different Starbucks in the city, & they all were great, except this one. The girl at the counter was much more interested in her cell phone than our drinks, & they were not even made correctly. We love going to Starbucks in our local city, & when we got A+ treatment from the others, we had to let them know how bad this one visit was.

    Starbucks couldn’t have responded faster! They really do care about customer quality, & in ever situation but that one time, it’s been A+ service. We are both happy to be customers & will continue to visit their stores & buy their coffee.

  2. OhMiller

    Last time I went to Starbucks was yesterday around 1. It was almost empty except as I was leaving I noticed one guy on his laptop with headphones in.
    I ordered quickly and my drinks were being made promptly but what I found odd was that the barista that took my order didn’t let me pay right away. Usually I pay then wait on the other side but this time they started my drinks first so I had to stand at the register just waiting….. I just thought that was a little weird, that has never happened to me before.
    Also, the guy that took my order and was making my drinks was telling me like his life’s story! Lol All about his nieces’ and nephew’s fights and him and his cousins relationship. Haha that too was kinda awkward.
    But he was still nice and made our non fat vanilla latte and kids hot chocolate perfectly! =]

  3. dahlila

    I banded Starbucks FOREVER–except for a few brief Christmas Egg nog latte visits to save the holiday. Anyway, since they started serving the Pike Place coffee for $1.50 a cup, I’m giving them a second chance. It’s not splashy, but it’s consistently decent, which is what I want when I find myself at a Starbucks.
    Plus, they now have better pastries & a warming oven. I love the heated oatmeal raisin cookies. When I’m on the road it’s good.

    dahlila xxoo

  4. ken

    Of course, working in the coffee industry I am intrigued by both the stable and changing attitudes about coffee, coffee shops, roasters and such. It would be nice to begin a discussion about the Fair Trade Organic side of the business. As the second most traded commodity on the planet (depending upon how one measures it) it is still largely controlled by multi-nationals who grow coffee like any other crop for the greatest possible yield. The individual farmer who prefers using sustainable methods to grow what is generally a superior product just cannot compete. The cycle of poverty on the third world treadmill will not change appreciably until consumers recognize that they can have their coffee, usually a better tasting coffee, at a very fair price, by supporting the FTO movement.

  5. ricky

    the other day bought 2 of the same coffees at starbucks and boy were they different – one sweet the other super bitter … mind u these were the SAME. not a pleasant experience with the bitter one.

  6. Melody

    What an interesting blog post, and the comments are important too. It can be hard to find passionate baristas who want to exceed customers expectations. It’s a big challenge that Starbucks has, and I wonder if they really talk about it back at the SSC. I still find over all that the Starbucks experience has a lot of charm and joy, and the coffee is great if you can get something other than Pike Place Roast. But it is more hit and miss of an experience than what it was in the 1990s.

  7. D.J. Sweeney

    I like to support the mom and pop coffee shops. My favorite in Kansas City is Broadway Cafe. I think they have the best coffee in Kansas City and it is a great place to meet interesting people. I don’t go for coffee on the go. I go to a coffee shop for intellectual conversation, artistic inspiration and great java in a porcelain mug.

  8. Tara Husband

    Be careful when you order iced coffee these days. I’ve had two Starbucks in two different cities (West Palm Beach and Seattle) try and make it with their new “Instant Iced Coffee Mix.” I now casually ask if they are using Pikes Place for their Iced Coffee AND I ask for it not to be sweetened.
    I’m sure headquarters doesn’t approve because this is much more expensive to do, however, barista’s (usually) at Starbucks aren’t exactly Master Level Barista’s you find in some places.
    BTW, my last blog was on how I made a cool triple layer latte :)

  9. Joseph Timmons

    I would have to say that my feelings about starbuck in general have “cooled” like old java, the warm and welcome feeling I used to get isnow replaced with aa genaral malaze and question the recent raise in prices, lack of entusiasim in service and the fact that the majority of the staff dont seem to like their jobs anymore. Granted before I would sometimes be overcome with “Have a great day” and full tooth smiles, but that was much btter than the ” What do you want” attitude that seems to be growing. I have also come to see that small “mom and pop” cafe’ shops are getting beter at roasting and gaining popularity.

  10. Shawn

    I’ve frequented Starbucks around the country (and world) since the mid-80s. Unfortunately, these days I expect to be disappointed more often than not. The coffee is always fine, but it can be a battle to even give an order that is very specific for something as ‘simple’ as hot chocolate. I don’t frequent Starbucks as much as several years ago (almost daily), and it seems we’re disappointed by the result, and sometimes the attitude, more often than not.

    Fortunately, I prefer simpler coffee and drinks. Unfortunately, I enjoy going to Starbucks with my sweetheart and she prefers hot chocolate prepared in a specific way. So, its become a bit of a toss-up depending on which store we end up at.

    Starbucks wasn’t always that way. It has only been the last few years that the awesome attitudes and service has declined.

  11. Dionna

    My last visit to a Starbucks was the Starbucks in the hospital where I work. Brand new facility. Roomy. They asked me my name and never asked how to spell it, and got it right! Even the guy who prepared the drink (Venti non-fat Caramel Macchiato) pronounced my name correctly when he called it out! Yeah, that never happens! Overall, I was very pleased with the drink and the service! Usually I will order a specialty or a latte. I make my own Starbucks coffee at home.

  12. Julie

    I’ve had different experiences at different Starbucks locations. In general, their coffee drinks always seemed much more weak to me, as if somewhat watered down. The drinks don’t necessarily taste bad, just weak. Service has also varied, I think depends on the individuals. I have gotten very indifferent and uncaring to stellar and enthusiastic service.