Starbucks Arabian Mocha Sanani – Episode #25

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Jason Coffee
Whole Bean

Reading some comments from you, giving away coffee and trying a seasonal Starbucks offering.

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  1. Tim Joyner

    Hi there. I have some good news for you, there is a company that brings the best Yemen coffee. The are actually called Sanani Coffee Company. Their specialty is Yemeni coffee. I have tried it. It is even better than the seasonal stuff at Starbucks!! I swear to it. I think they also have a Holiday promotion going on. When checking out, enter HOLIDAY2009 as the promo code, it is a 20% off coupon which is VERY unusual for this company. They usually do not do coupons. Enjoy!!

  2. Madelyn


    Love the Sanani at Starbucks. I really feel that it’s one of the best coffees they offer right now. Too bad it’s only seasonal. It’s well worth the $$.

  3. sheryl

    hmmmm zing spiciness, pleasing complexity, sounds like just what I need right now.
    Craziest thing I did was to hobble two miles home, after being severely injured in a car accident, and still lived to tell about it.

  4. ~jill

    hey jason! just wanted to let you know that the coffee (both of them…lol) arrived today. now i just have to decide which one to try first.

    qotd? craziest thing i’ve ever done….drive 25 hours to see a 2 hour concert and turn around and drive home.

  5. Dan Jones

    Got the Arabian Mocha Sanani in store last week. Can’t wait to taste it.

    Craziest thing I’ve ever done? Going down Europe’s biggest toboggan slope without pressing the breaks. Skin against hot metal at fast speed with stinging nettles thrown on the side? Not a good idea.

    Thanks, from Wales, UK

  6. Kristen

    Looks like another interesting coffee to try! QOTD: Craziest thing I’ve ever done happened in Nice, France. The French football/soccer team was playing Spain in the World Cup, and the whole town was down on one street to watch the match. My friends and I went to down to join the celebration, and lets just say it was quite the experience. Vive la France!

  7. Greg

    QOTD – The craziest pg13 thing I’ve done was probably going Para Sailing (you’re suspended in a harness, which is attached to a parachute and then tied to a boat… you end up a few hundred feet in the air).

  8. David Hunter

    Pretty cool, you have great enthusiasm. I will be coming back for more. One tiny suggestion…your audio could use some help, it sounds like you are using the cameras mic and a lapel mic could help you out. BTW I found you on twitter.

  9. Mike

    I saw this one at a Starbucks a little while ago. It was on my list to try.

    QOTD – PG-13 version…went to Playboy Mansion, can’t say anything more without incriminating myself.

  10. Michelle Simons

    After watching your Coffee video and seeing you sip it like a wine tasting I am amazed by your reactions you make. I trust your reveiws! I never seen a coffee tasting like a pie. lol. Fruit is good! It reminds me of the question of the day when I drove around town with one of them fake hands and legs prop hanging out the trunk. I drove all over and got pulled over by the police and their guns were drawn. I had to get out of the car and lay flat on the ground. I couldnt say nothing. They ended up leting me go after they realized it was all fake. I was bad and crazy!

  11. Judy

    Jason I love your videos. So much info and enthusiasm. Love watching you smell the coffee!! Oh and don’t forget the slurp!! I can’t answer the ??? Not PG13

  12. Neil

    qotd? Probably cliff jumping at Chimney Rock in South central Wisconsin, or bridge jumping into the St. Croix river.