3 Social Media Tips with Brewed Coffee

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Jason Coffee

Today  one of our twitter followers, Trebilcock Coffee, shared their brewing process with us. (I love it when people share their photos of coffee they are enjoying: We even made a Collage.)  Not only does the fact that Tim is taking the time to interact with their followers in a way that is fun and engaging impact me but the way that he chose to do it resonated with me. It reminded me of three things that would do us all some good to remember when interacting in our Social Streams.


Never Boring Always Pouring

enjoy coffee tweet

I think by now everyone can agree that content is the new game. Creating content even in micro doses like this tweet are producing something for your friends, fans and potential customers to consume. If you keep the content coming and its good stuff people will keep coming back for more. Think about it, once you found your favorite coffee bar in town you’ve not stop going since you made that  discovery. Imagine if you stopped in and they said, “Sorry were out of coffee today but thanks for stopping by” or if the closed sign was up on the door. How many times do you think you would be back before you stopped going there. Now think about your social media pages…

pour over brewJust Waiting


waiting coffee tweet

This might seem like an odd one after my above advice but truly there are times where you don’t back off on content but nothing seems to change. You get no new fans or followers. Your customer base stays the same. This isn’t the time to do what many companies do and say, “This isn’t working, stop paying the blog intern.” (Don’t get me started on not using your brothers cousin who’s an intern at your company to manage your social media…) It’s time for patience. It’s time to keep doing what you are doing with consistency. Many of your new customers will share you with their friends when they feel an emotional connection with your brand and usually this process takes time. (Please don’t underestimate the value of connecting with just a handful of people everyday.)

coffee top bubblesDelicious Coffee

pouring coffee tweet

Have fun, drink and be merry. You have to enjoy what you do. If what you are doing isn’t delicious then do something else. You will either come off as fake, (People have Fakedar, it’s like radar but for fakers, and can tell if you are just, “In it for the money.” or “Doing it because you see opportunity or because you have to.” ) bored or not get as much energy to the task if it’s something you don’t enjoy and believe in.  Speaking of which let’s all have another cup!

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