Should I Drink Coffee?

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Jason Coffee

The Question is: Should I drink Coffee? 

The Answer is: Yes! – Below I have listed the top 4 reasons why you should drink coffee.

Coffee with Latte

Top 4 Reasons You Should Drink Coffee.

Reason 1: Coffee is Good For Your Health

In our article Over 100 Facts and Reasons to Drink More Coffee over 25 of the reasons are health related. Two of the diseases it helps prevent are Alzheimer’s and colon cancer.  If that doesn’t convince you that you should drink coffee just keep reading.

Reason 2: Coffee will Make You More Friends

Coffee is an extremely social beverage. Millions of people visit coffee shops each day many of whom sit down and enjoy their beverage in the cafe. As a barista I have seen so many instances of people making new friends because of the communal context coffee sets up.

Reason 3: Coffee Makes You a Better Person

Coffee gives you energy, brightens your continence and helps you think faster. If you don’t believe that coffee makes you better read this article and I am sure you will be one step closer to agreeing that you should drink coffee.

Reason 4: Coffee is the Best Tasting Beverage

Coffee has 4 times the aromatic compounds that wine has. This makes the possible flavor combinations near endless. Coffee also pairs well next to so many foods which compounds your chances to find a flavor combination that really blows your mind. The craziest flavor combo I have found is, Coffee with Pizza.

Do you have another reason I should drink coffee? Leave a comment.

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