Roasting Coffee with a Popcorn Popper

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Jason Coffee
Home Roasting

Jason roasts coffee for the first time ever on a popcorn popper outside in his backyard. The whole roasting process took around 5 minutes.

Roast Coffee at Home

If you want to try this at home all you will need is:

1) Green Coffee
2) Popcorn Popper
3) Wooden Spoon
4) Pan for cool down

Have you ever Roasted Coffee in a popcorn popper?

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  1. Bruce


    Thanks for the idea of using a popcorn popper to roast beans. What a wild idea!
    I’ll be looking at some of the videos on You Tube also to get the finer details before I try it.

  2. ArtofExtraction

    Jason, I watched the video in 720P and was surprised to see that the popper you have is not a side-vented popper. If you can find one — I’ve heard some Walgreen’s have them — the side vented popper (where the hot air comes from vents in the side instead of through a screen at the bottom) works much better. Also, cooling is key, I would recommend a colander/strainer to cool the beans instead of the cast iron skillet — more air moving faster. Other than that, great job Bro. It went very well.
    Welcome to the next level of coffee addiction — not just preparing and drinking, but trying to dial in the perfect roast.

    • Jason Coffee

      I have been getting that advice from a bunch of people on YouTube as well. I went and watched a bunch of videos and I have a killer plan for next time. I think I must of gotten supper lucky with this roast because I am very pleased with the results. I am posting my tasting of this coffee in the next couple hours.

      Thanks for all the helpful hints as always bro.

  3. Robert

    You make it look so easy. First time I did it inside, BIG mistake. Took a while to get the fire alarm to stop going off. Next time I did it outside, and not to bad. Third time I got greedy and tried to roast too much at one time. Some beans were burnt and some we not probably roasted enough. Getting the timing down to get the exact roast you want is the difficult part. I was tryng for full city but ended up with a dark roast. LOL! Was a lot of fun though.