3 Keys to Success: Organo Gold MLM

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Jason Coffee

Organo Gold MLM and Success

It’s crazy the number of times that I am approached by an Organo Gold representative during any given week. The request is almost always the same, “Will you review my coffee, I just started this amazing coffee business.” or “Hey, I have this amazing opportunity in which you could make a lot of money.” I used to send out a unique reply to every email but the volume has gotten to the point where I just redirect them to my review of the product. (You will notice that throughout this article I will refer to Organo Gold as a product and not coffee. The reason for this is that, frankly, it is not coffee.

Advice for Organo Gold Reps

I don’t have any negative feelings for the Organo Gold Reps that contact me about reviewing or signing up for selling this MLM product. It makes sense, find someone with a lot of influence in coffee and win them over. If this was successful they could win a lot of new potential business. Other than by having people taste the product (which I consider to be terrible) I have 3 Keys for success in being an Organo Gold business owner.

Key #1 – Stop Selling

There have been only two Organo Gold reps who have approached me about the product in a right way. They approached me with respect and not by making me promises. They remained totally open to receiving a bad review on the product. If I were ever asked by anyone for how to get into contact with Organo Gold about being a representative I would without a doubt direct them to these two people. (One of which is linked up at the top of this article.) This type approach by an OrGano Gold Representative is truly rare. If you don’t believe me check the, over 100, comments on my review of OrGano GoldThe key here: Build lasting relationships.

Key #2 – Stop Lying

Do not contact people telling them they will get rich selling OrGano Gold. Statically that’s just not true. The only people who benefit or become rich from MLM businesses are the people at the top of the pyramid. I am not saying through hard work  you cannot get there, (to the top of your own pyramid with thousands of people under you. Though if you do there will always be people at the bottom…). I am saying that if the product is truly awesome then it will speak for itself and it will be something that the person being pitched to will just have to jump on.  The key here: Let the product speak for itself.

Key #3 – Start Dreaming

Most of the people reading this article are OrGano Gold business owners. If you are an OrGano Gold Rep I have one question for you, “Why?” Please take one moment and answer this question. Why did I start selling this product? If your reason is, I want to make a ton of money then do yourself a favor and stop selling it immediately. If your reason is, I really love this product and think it can be transformative for people’s lives then you are going into this with the correct mindset. A business is something you should believe in with all your heart and it should fit in with the dream of your life. That’s the reason I started Coffee Cup News, it fits perfectly with my life vision and dreams.The key here: Dream your dream, not someone else’s.

Do you sell Organo Gold?

A personal note from me – For clarity I do need to disclose two things: 1) I will never suggest that anyone start selling Organo Gold. 2) I don’t like the taste of this product. I wrote this article for two reasons, 1) I got paid to write it. 2) I am extremely tired of being approached about this product in the wrong way. If you have something negative to say about the article please say it below. I am fully prepared for it.

*This is a sponsored post.

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  1. Heather

    First off, I was given some samples of this coffee about 3.5 mo. ago, I loved the first try, it was smooth and gentle, plus a strong bean taste. In December of 2011 I had stopped drinking coffee all together for the simple fact of the high level of acidity and the reaction of my stomach and intestines. I just could no longer handle the negative effects of coffee on my body after drinking it since I was a young girl, our grandparents started most of us on coffee around 7-8 yrs. old. The woman who shared this coffee with me told me to not only to drink it but to drink it on an empty stomach; I just laughed. She told me ‘PLEASE’ do it and promised me it would not only make my stomach feel great but that I would love it. I missed my morning coffee so much that I had to give it a try. The next morning I woke up and did as she said. The results in all honesty shocked me; my stomach felt wonderful, not one side effect from the acid, and when I used the bathroom it was amazing, no cramping, and I eliminated a lot of waste. I began drinking this coffee, with my husband enjoying the benefits also. After 3.5 months we decided to share it with others, not just because of the compensation plan of the company (which we have been blessed) but because this coffee has been so effective in our bodies, I for one have never slept better. I have always had a difficult time falling asleep and staying asleep; no longer the case. I have energy all day, sustained, no highs and lows. The list goes on; I simply want people to enjoy this awesome cup of coffee. I can’t scientifically explain the power of Ganoderma Lucidum and how its infusion into the coffee changes things, but I can say I am never going to stop drinking this coffee for the rest of my life. I find it funny how the courts of law and their decisions of facts hinge on the witnesses, their testimonies, yet people want to down an awesome product when there are testimonies innumerous about it. One thing I want to say to whoever wrote this blog, please don’t take this as an insult, just truth; You are mistaken when you say it’s not coffee, I laughed at that comment. Organo Gold coffee comes from two different coffee beans depending on which one you choose; the regular comes from Arabian Bean and Jamaican bean Blue Mountain. Next time do your research before making false statements. People worldwide are becoming more health and nutrition minded, I believe with all my heart that Organo Gold coffee is the leading future coffee, Why? Because the human race really wants to change their health across the board and people don’t want to give up their coffee, it’s their friend and their morning companion. How awesome to have a delicious gourmet (micro-brewed) coffee that you never have to give up and benefits your body in more ways you can understand. If anyone reads my comment and you would like to try this coffee you can go to my website have a beautiful day!

  2. Wilson

    Those are exacly my words. I don’t think telling people a lie will make you rich. However, i do believe that telling a friend or to a family memeber that he or she will make a lot of money is wrong. I think the best way to aproch a person is by telling he or she the thruth. For example, The company is offering you this options (Mension the options)and i think there is a posibility that you can make money. However, it will depend on how hard you want to work.

  3. Keith

    Good points all of them, and I agree approaching someone talking about “get rich quick” schemes is a turn off. I personally don’t like Organo Gold coffee, then again I’m not much of a coffee person myself. It seems like there is a fair amount of money to be made with the business though if you do it the right way. It all starts with being honest, and providing real value for your customers.