Organo Gold Coffee Review – Episode #107

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Jason Coffee

Organo gold is coffee that proclaims to be healthy for you and contains ganoderma extract. A representative of Organo Gold Coffee Company asked if Jason would review their products.

Organo Gold Coffee Review

The main thing we are looking at in this review is whether or not the instant coffee delivers in terms of flavor and taste. If this is not a good tasting coffee then nothing else really matters.

Have you tried Organo Gold? What did you think?

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  1. angelnyo

    I’m agree, the coffee is too bitter and it taste like old coffee.

    The issue here is that Organo Gold coffee (and certainly the ganoderma) is not fresh. Probably it’s been more than a year that the coffee was procesed. Because of this, the coffee taste so bitter. This is not real coffee, like nescafe or folgers. I’m not sure about the health benefits. If you want to be healthy, you just need to eat well and do exercise.

    If you put 2 spoons of sugar of course you going to like it, but that daily amount of sugar maybe is not healthy at all. Same thing with the tea, it taste like old tea leaf.

  2. Jorge - OrGano Gold

    I like that this is an honest review… but not everyone drinks this coffee for taste… rather for the benefits…

    Each person gets different results so they should each try to see how they feel, which is what matters with Ganoderma Coffee…

  3. Christina Wesley

    Great coffee!!! someone gave me one and I felt so good until I had to look up , I don’t know what Jason talking about..This is my new coffee

  4. Romanus Ejide

    First of all, that is not 6oz of Water in that cup. If you read more carefully, it tells you use 6-8oz of Hot water. Your cup did not have steam or any sign of heat. I’m not sure how many people actually drinks their coffee the way you just demonstrated. This is a Joke. I love ORGANO GOLD COFFEE!!! your review sucks!

  5. debra-ann

    Hey Jason, saw your review and i found it interesting… taste is pretty much a person attribute…..i enjoyed the coffee. I had some samples given to me…..i had 1 12 ounce breakfast cup in the am and found it ind it to be enough for me….usually 5 cups/ day was what i was drinking….but one cup of this coffee mixed with 2 tsp of half and half and i stop…….the pyramid scheme has destroyed more than one good productline……just look at equinox……great products……poorscheme……if only it held the same respect and business attitudes like Avon, Tupperware, and Mia Bella…….

  6. Larry Maheu

    People should consider this health product as an investment. There are enough variety of products to deliver the benefits in a good tasting way. President Clinton not only drinks this coffee, he recommends network marketing as a way to help the economy. Did you know that you can deduct business expenses from your income tax? A percentage of your mortgage, car payments, gas, repairs and insurance—at least 80% That alone can pay for your coffee. The health benefits are real,and with healthcare getting out of conrol, anything a person can do, conveniently, to stay healthy is a terrific investment in yourself.
    Network marketing is recognized in universities. 50 years ago, someone started the pyramid without a product to sell. Being at the top, he cammed a lot of people, and as people quit, he just moved on. Others did the same, and that’s how network, multi-level marketing got a bad name. Being informed of the facts will pay off financially. Network marketing is an eaual opportunity busiess, Everyone can benefit financially, equally.
    Try to be positive in life. Hundreds of thousands make a very good living in networking. A person can succeed if that person believes in the product, and knows that when others hear about it, they’ll like and want it also.
    Home parties are networking too, but people don’t notice it as much, because there aren’t as many ‘levels’ that they can see,
    .The reason most people criticize MLM is because they don’t want to recruit others, for various reasons. All the unfounded negativeness being spread around by those negative people make it more difficult to recruit a good product. This year 1 trillion dollars will be earned in network marketing. SOMEBODY likes it and is doing well. Why not YOU ???
    With coffee, get some people together for a Coffee Hour, with just the idea of seeing how people like the coffee, and which ones they like the best.
    Most will want the opportunity to earn a few dollars. That will be all you need to see the downline multiply, to your surprise. Don’t miss out.
    Did you know that most bankruptcies would be prevented if a family earned only an extra $500.00 per month? Think about yourself. How would $500 to $1,000 help you when it comes in automatically every month after you sponsored (did the ‘work’) only ONCE ?? Make fun out of it. Don’t be so serious. It’s just coffee. Join up. JUST DO IT! It will change your life and give you very early retirement. There’s a recruiting secret I know about and you can have it if you agree with this commentary.
    Would you like to have my email address? If you’re ‘positve-minded’ ONLY.

  7. Chris

    I am curious to see what my aunt has to tell me about this product. She lives in Denver and is meeting with Rod Smith (former Denver Broncos receiver) who started the Denver OG market. I asked her to find out if he has gotten any players drinking it and if so if they can tell a difference in themselves.

  8. Charlie Little

    I hate coffee unless it’s doctored up to not taste like coffee so I would probably hate this coffee too. I buy retail and like their green tea. I’m not a rep yet but plan to. As for health benefits, Google search “pubmed ganoderma”. This Reishi mushroom as well as other fungi contain “Beta glucan” in the cell wall. Google that also. It’s really very good for you. Ganoderma is naturally bitter and the more bitter the better. Means it’s got the goody in it. I grow it but find it more convenient to just buy the green tea with ganoderma.

  9. cb

    ok so what i’m getting here is the black isnt so good – fine! there are others, mocha, latte etc that are good!I was and still am a little skeptical abt this stuff but i tried the latte and its tasty, cant say i’ve felt any differently – no boost of brain power or feeling stronger!

  10. Mandy

    I love the hot chocolate and mocha, my son has adhd and he has a cup of hot chocolate a day and i have seen him make leaps and bounds with improment in his attention. i feel its almost better then to be giving a child narcotics like ritalin. i have also just signed up as a distributer.

  11. Michail

    So guys,is OG shit or not?I am from Ukraine,and I will start sell OG soon in my country.I should know what am i selling.I do not like to fool people.Also i did not tasted it before.So give me an answer please.If I had some mistakes in my letter,forgive me,because English is not my native language.With best wishes Michail)

    • Матус Андреевич

      Hi Michail. Did you already run your business in Ukraine? Wanna know informations about tht product. My friend gave me this business opportunity and told me everything he knows about it. So if you wana share your ideas I would be grateful.
      And please notice, that I am not from Ukraine and also I am not from Russia. Everything you should know about me, that a few friends of mine was already thinking to run a business in our country. The OG coffee is not well-know in our country. Thanks a lot for your cooperation.

  12. Sharon

    Not sure I am enough of a coffee lover to get into this business. I have a coworker who wants to tell me more about it. It’s not like I am not familiar with similar MLM’s and really, I just want to develop and run my own business. I had a jar of instant coffee around the house and have had that at work sometimes. Not a total fan of instant myself. As far as flavors and especially black anything…I know that when I drink tea black, I have to put sugar in it. If you leave the product to steep very long, you will get an iron kind of taste to it. Maybe black coffees are made that way, IDK.

  13. billrow

    I bought a couple of kinds and it is good for instant.

    Compared to nestle and folgers instant it’s at least drinkable.

    It is expensive as heck so I buy the mushroom extract is is supposed to contain in capsule form.

  14. Richard Ferris

    It could be the 'herb' in the coffee (ganoderma lucidum). If not extracted in a proper way, it has a taste. I am biased as a rep for Gano Excel, who has the finest GL extract out there. No taste from those I have polled. I sent some in to you Jason Coffee for a taste. I am open to your honest views on it though, as I highly respect your pallet for coffee.

  15. Anonymous

    I live in the land of the GREATEST COFFEE IN THE WORLD- Jamaica Blue Mountain – stupid! And I say ganoderma Black is awesome considering that ganoderma by itself is bitter too. If this guy had ever tasted real coffee at full strength before he would know that it is bitter – strongly acidic even…

  16. Taylors CoffeeShop

    hey guys how are yall doing? I'm new to ORGANO GOLD and would like some help on getting people to sign up? can you all help me? send advice to [email protected] thank you and we can help eachother out in the future!

  17. Name Maria Jones

    I have not tried it yet but the comments make my leery. And I am on line because THERE WERE NO INSTRUCTIONS on my sample of mocha. Wish me luck.

  18. Melissa Mack

    Some people are missing the point………it tastes great, and , yes I add creamer beacause I don't like it black. The whole point is that we're talking about the benefits of the coffee. This isn't an ad for Starbucks which by the way I don't like. I haven't had acid reflux since I started drinking this 4 weeks ago. I used to have reflux several times a week, and now I feel great. I don't sell this so I have nothing to gain from saying this.

  19. Name

    I was glad to see this review. I was Personally, Iooking for some other opinios about how this sale people are trying to scam other people promising a fortune selling coffee. Sure I dont think you can be so ignorant to believed such a lie.regardless of how good the income opportunity may seem and regardless of how marketable the product is, Organo Gold members won’t make a substantial income just Recruiting 2 people…Ah right! pay $1,300.00 at front without first learning the disadvantage of the pyramid type of bussiness, this is a affiliate network marketing business opportunity claiming to give their members to opportunity to create wealth. well you should discover the facts,Organo Gold like other MLM’s are using young succulent men as scapegoats and flaunting them amongst the masses in an effort to get fools to believe they can even begin to lick the brim of this type of success.
    Most of the positive reviews of this product are from people who probably SELL this stuff. So seeing all of this was very helpful along with a few other things I researched on the internet.

  20. Name Vee

    I was recently introduced to Organo Gold Caffe Latte and I really liked it a lot. I usually only drink Starbucks Carmel Latte. Since I have tried Organo Gold, I have not craved my usual Starbucks fix. The OG latte was smooth, creamy and full of flavor. I also noticed that the 4 days I tried it that I did not crave food all day…I had coffee with breakfast and was satisfied until late in the day. I say try it…nothing to loose.

  21. TheBrandiva Sweetie

    Oh, my bad I get it now….you're promoting another brand. (hint from the banner blasting on the
    If you would like to do a review on the Organo Tea and other products then hit me up and I will send you a sample.
    I honestly don't mind if you give it bad reviews. 😉

  22. TheBrandiva Sweetie

    That face was A real bitter face would cause your eyes to
    I'm not a coffee drinker, but I've tried it.The coffee is extremely smooth. I even tried the black without adding sugar or cream and it was good as well.I wanted to try another brand after I tried the Organo and I don't see how people drink other brands. I tried Folgers and Maxwell House and they were nasty. I like Starbucks but that's because they add a load of sugar and cream.Plus none of the other brands made me feel as good as the Ganoderma in the Organo brand. I'm a tea drinker so I drink the tea at least 2 times a day. Try the tea if you don't like the coffee.
    And if you say you get a bitter face from the tea….I will definitely know you're doing this for the attention.

  23. Name Jude

    Plus, if your looking for an instant coffee why not try it. You may love it. To the comment above, “true coffee connoisseurs.” Really, everyone loves a fresh brewed of coffee! This product isnt that…. @ least when it comes to the packets its an “Instant Coffee.” Susan you sound like a moron & your comment is idiotic. Obviously, the purpose of this product is not for “true coffee connoisseurs.” Its a product that is convent for the consumer & a good coffee to drink. I have only tasted this product once & I dont sell the product either. It is a good instant coffee that is all. I have no reason to promote this product, other than the fact that is good.

  24. Name Jude

    I had a girlfiend of mine give me a sample packet last week. I love coffee & been drinking it since I was 17. I’m now 31, I love Starbucks cappichino’s & my favorite coffee is Dunkin Donutes Coffee. Nestle’s instant coffee is the worst I have ever tasted although they have a newer one out that is quite tasty. She had given me a sample pack of their Cafe’ Latte & I loved it. Put a little creamer in it & it was perfect. I was impressed to say the least, you can tell it has a natural taste to it but isnt that the point. His review is his review, however the majority of the comments above indicate he is wrong. Its great coffee & I would recommend trying it.

  25. Joseph Smith

    I was glad to see this review. Personally, I don't drink coffee, but there is a guy at my work telling me to start selling it. The way he explained it to me sounded like a pyramid scheme. I also wondered what people thought about it as far as taste. All coffee is bitter to me unless you put a ton of sugar in it, (just my opinion). I also am aware that some people taste with things other than their taste buds and sometimes convince themselves that they like things even though they don't. Most of the positive reviews of this product are from people who probably SELL this stuff. So seeing all of this was very helpful along with a few other things I researched on the internet.

    • Brittany Murray

      Hello sir, my husband has been in network marketing since 2007. Hearing you speak about the company being a pyramid scheme is alarming. Obviously you haven't done your research on the company. A pyramid scheme is ILLEGAL and I don't believe that the BBB would go along with a scheme; not to mention The Napoleon Hill Foundation, with the the book, Think and Grow Rich. It might just benefit you to do your research not on Google because Google has negative stuff on everything. And just maybe you should look into getting involved because I can promise you that you would not be sorry; I didn't want him to join them because we had enough going on but I am even happier than before!

    • Joseph Smith

      Brittany Murray Well i guess i can understand that it's not solely a pyramid scheme. Technically it would be if there wasn't an actual product to sell consumers. I do realize that there is really coffee and some people may actually like it. It's a high end coffee that I don't feel that I can market. I really feel it's unfair to sell the ideals of becoming rich to people in hoping that entrepreneurship is the way I mean, sorry to be so harsh on the product, but the company doesn't sell the product. They turn everyone into sales people. The guy who tried to induct me into this business told me that he makes money when i join. (I.E. pyramid scheme). Although technically it's not a pyramid scheme, I am fairly aware of good ethics and this company isn't for me. I've heard of the dreams that are told to people when they go to the seminars for this product and i just don't agree with telling people that the difference between me having success and not is just going through with something. I have heard the good things about Organo Gold, and my question to you is where are the FDA guidelines on this product? Google has both positive and negative stuff on everything. I feel that I've already been told the pros for this product (sorry for being a pessimist).I will also comment on the fact the basis of capitalism is a corrupt morality, for one to be financially successful someone else must do without. Otherwise you would have a form of communism and well most people are against that. I wish all the success for everyone involved. If everyone in the world sold organo gold who would buy it?

    • José Carradinha

      Joseph Smith – Hello Mr. Joseph. With all respect for your opinion, let me correct one thing that you mentioned: "The guy who tried to induct me into this business told me that he makes money when i join. (I.E. pyramid scheme)." – OrGano Gold isn’t a pyramid scheme. OrGano Gold is using the cost effective network distribution system to deliver their products. There here are no Independent Distributor in OrGano Gold that makes money when someone join is team but only when someone in is team buy products to the company. The guy who tried to induct you into OrGano Gold business didn’t any makes money if you join the company through him.

    • José Carradinha

      Joseph Smith – Answering to your last question: " If everyone in the world sold organo gold who would buy it?" In this utopic but wonderful case, everybody will buy directly to OrGano Gold for their own consumption and for sure we will have a better and healthier world. Have a great and fantastic day!

  26. Susan

    It seems that all the comments have been contributed by those who drink Organo Gold instant coffee (or sell it). Most likely, you haven’t seen someone ‘cup’ coffee, which is what was demonstrated. Google it. For true coffee connoisseurs, instant just doesn’t compare to Fresh Roasted Coffee and it never will. I believe in the benefits of Ganoderma, however I would rather eat it, than drink it, especially if it means I would have to drink instant coffee – Blah! And, yes I have tried it and my reaction was the same. For those that do like it and drink it, good for you!

  27. Name mona

    I had a friend at work give it to me and it tastes great, I have had great benefits from the coffee so don’t listen to one guy’s opinion. By the way I work for a Dr. and we researched the ingredients, this coffee is better than real coffee..

    • Ann

      Mona I agree Organo Gold has stumbled onto a great product that could change lives. Replace that crappy unhealthy coffee with something good for you people!

  28. Name=

    HHHMM i’m quite sceptical this is my second day trying it. I think for those that don’t like it and say they know what real coffee tastes like well that’s just dumb.. not everyone’s taste buds are the same and this (re)= meaning+ retard that brews her own coffee well thats ur problem if ur weird not everyone else’s i work 9 hour days and so far i was telling my BFF this morning how tired i felt i made a packet of this coffee and i feel great so far now im not saying it’s a miracle i will try it for about a week and give my honest opinion but i dont think anyone should get angry about reviewing this coffee these are people’s opinions if there is more positive than pay attention to the positive y even bother on the negative if you know this does something for you then worry about ur positive feedback for others thats all. anyway i think the coffee is yummy and it has done great things for my mommy.. i think it’s a healling coffee not a taste good for your convenience. Have a great day all.

  29. Anonymous

    I don't sell this coffee but I have tried i…t but this Guy is nonsense…Coffee is coffee and not every coffee tastes the same..Colombian.. Decaf…this coffee is HEALTHY and the reason why " Jason Coffee" did not like it was because he does not know what HEALTHY coffee tastes like.

  30. Name michelle

    Am just wondering how many of the post owners of “gee, this is great coffee” are selling it…personally, all this hype about coffee with all this added health components is ridiculous..just another “hook” to get people to think they are doing something great for their bodies. I am constantly amazed how easliy people are fooled into buying products!

  31. Justin

    Who would listen to a guy acts like he can’t read? He acts as if the wording on the pack is written in German. Anyway, 7 out of 10 people I run into love the coffee. Grant it, you might be 1 of the 3 that don’t like it, but for you to post a video about it probably means you have no life what so ever. Also, when u make anything instant you should follow directions. The pack did not say “mix with 4oz of water”….. #totalfailure

    • Jason Coffee

      Number 1, I tried this coffee because an Organo Rep requested that I do a video review on it because they respect my opinion. Number 2, I followed the directions on the bag perfectly. Number 3, Saying that 7 out of 10 people like this is totally ridiculous. Almost everyone I know thinks this coffee tastes horrible but then again most of my friends know what good coffee tastes like…

  32. James A. Chapman

    This dude is hilarious. I tried this coffee and I like it. I drink it black and I agree that he doesn't have the mix right – not enough water. I like this coffee better than the Starbucks Via. It's brewed differently – not your typical instant coffee. Good stuff – try it yourself!

  33. CoffeeAl

    I roast my own beans, I grind my own beans…I buy 40lb. burlap bags of greeners and terrorize my neighborhood with the awful smell created by roasting. I know good coffee and I know real coffee. A friend of mine who knew of my coffee freakishness has gotten into this company…he called me all excited…then he dropped off some samples of the Mocha, the Latte and the Black that is being reviewed here. I’m sorry…but my reaction was EXACTLY the same as Jason’s. I prepared it with filtered water heated in my all copper Rancilio Espresso machine. I used a measured 8 oz. as recommended on the sticker on the sachet packet. It had very little aroma. It did froth up with something resembling crema but it didn’t have the same consistency as a good espresso crema and it dissipated after a couple of minutes. The oils are gone from this stuff…it is processed to within an inch of its life. At some point it may have actually started out as coffee but it is now an overprocessed powder that only retains the color and bitterness of the original coffee. It also seems to coat my tongue and leave a bad aftertaste. I agree with Jason, it had BETTER have some amazing health benefits because it is a lot like taking medicine instead of enjoying a good cup of coffee.

  34. Joan Barden Leon

    Seriously, some people are just haters. Coffee is great, produces real benefits (old Chinese herbalists highly recommended it), and is a great money maker for those that know how to market the product. This guy is just trying to get attention, I guess he doesn't expend energy for positive attention and only knows how to attract negative attention.

  35. Libby Crookham

    One guys opinion. The Latte packet is amazingly smooth and good. They say you should mix it with 12 ounces water and his cup looks like its about 4 ounces. Anyways, its amazing. I drank two packets this morning and felt amazingly energized. I don't sell it. I was given some packets, I tried it this morning and I felt really good. My biggest question is… is it legal its so good! And its good for you. Really really good for you.

  36. Pysco Active

    It's great for pyramid scammers, you too can become trapped in their scam by giving $200.00 for one of their seminars, don't be a fool!

  37. JJ

    Even though this review is almost 2 years old, I tried this and have to comment. I had almost the exact same reaction as Jason. I’m not claiming to be an expert, but I’ve worked with and tried a pretty fair amount of coffee. This was pretty bad. I had two sips of it and couldn’t stand it. The taste stuck, even after chasing it with a bottle of water. The man who gave me the sample was a nice guy. I’ll give it credit on that, but I’m fully with Jason on this one. I wish those selling this product the best of luck, and I mean that. Do what you need to put food on the table.

  38. Strange Moonshine

    I don't like it, it has no depth. Its as if a non coffee drinker tried to envision what coffee should taste like.

  39. Ken

    All I can say is that I drink my scotch out of a bigger mug. Did you really follow the directions on the side of the packet? Any coffee will be bitter when it’s that saturated.

  40. Ken Halal

    All I can say is that I drink my scotch out of a bigger mug. Did you really follow the directions on the side of the packet? Any coffee will be bitter when it's that saturated.

  41. Christi

    Well Jason…it looks like you either got more honest review (e.g, this coffee isn’t very good)..and then you got the infomercials (e.g., This coffee is great! I feel like a million bucks!). Basically, you got the honest people, and then you got the coffee sellers, we can all figure out which one is which. Now as you get to the later posts, however, a few of the coffee sellers are getting a little smart..they are now mixing up the reviews to make it sound kind of down on the coffee for part of their response, and then end their review with a positive twist. That kind of review from them would have been more believable if we saw that a little early on in the responses..but it happened more often later on after most of us guessed that that overly positive reviews (which sounded like infomercials) was coming from them.

  42. Shak

    First of all, you can’t expect it to taste like “coffee” if it only has 3% of coffee, the rest is that Ganoderma… Second, you are conscious that coffee is not a healthy addiction, well, they try to make it a little bit healthier, why not to give you an opportunity and forget about that bitter flavor and think about the benefits? Third, please, how can somebody talk about pricey (75 cents per sample) compared with a $4 Starbucks cup?
    I have been watching YouTube videos and reading some about organogold, and also tried both black and latte, they are ok, for a southamerican person the black its not that strong, but again, think about the benefits…

  43. STL

    Well I can’t say I was disappointed because I didn’t expect much. It was no better than the instant you buy at your local grocer. This was probably worse. Although it carries a hefty price, it tasted cheap. In my opinion this would only appeal to those who buy their morning coffee at the same place they fill their gas tank. I ordered this because a relative is a distributor. Would I do it again? No way. He wants me to become a distributor. That is not going to happen.

  44. Allen Crew

    I was having back pains from a work injury. I got a pack from my father-in-law, 30 minutes later, I had no pain nor my thumb which had given me problems over 2 years, now I can snap. A Miracle and in something that I don’t mind taken. Now I can say 2 thumbs up.

    • Allen Crew

      After drinking my Organo Gold coffee for 3 days, I feel refreshed and still pain free. I am a believer in Jesus and his miracles, I can’t help but to believe he has brought this into my life. Thank you for what I believe to be an extension of God’s provision of health to the world and may I add that the taste is great.

  45. Nick Boodris

    I would like to know who is this Jason guy that makes these coffee reviews. I saw his video and he looks like his diapers are still wet. What experience does he have in being a coffee connoisseur? Everybody has different taste buds and will react to every consumable product differently. I have been selling Organo Gold products for over a year and have a lot of repeat customers, especially ones that have health issues. The ones that do not have health issues continue to by from me because they enjoy the taste and the convenience of making one cup at a time without investing in a costly one cup machine with their coffees. I could go on and on but if you are looking for a rewardable business with very low start up costs, this is it and do not pay attention to any of the negative comments on Organo Gold. Please do your research. I have been a restauranteur for over 20 years and continue to do my research. The ganoderma extract in the coffee does it.

    • Jason Coffee

      No need to throw around insults… I am just a guy who loves coffee. I try and review the products that are sent to me on video or in a post. The representative knew this when they sent the product to me and thanked me for doing an honest review. Good luck with your business.

  46. Cecilia

    My husband’s uncle has started selling this product. As usual anything that my husband’s family sell he will buy. He bought 2 boxes of “Organo Gold Cafe Latte” and 1 box of the “Black Coffee”

    First of all, I love the taste of the Cafe Latte hate the Black Coffee, is tasted really bad. Second I was told of all the benefits to your body. So I decided to give it a try.

    Here is the result: I drink it religiously twice a day, you are supposed to drink it 3 times a day(the boxes are expensive) I’m a constipated person, highly constipated and after a week of this coffee, I go twice in a day for #2. Second, I sound like a camel in the mornings. Specially in the mornings I get extreme gas. The very first 2 weeks it was impossible to come near me with my smelly gas. It was a horrible smell.

    After 1 month, I can’t tell you that I have lost weight because I haven’t but I haven’t gain any either. My stomach is not bloated anymore. My energy level is really good but then again I’m 28 years old, I haven’t quite hit the slope yet.

    Over all, I will keep drinking the coffee for another month just to see what other results I obtain. Also, take in consideration that I eat healthy, not 100% healthy but at least 70% of my diet is healthy and I exercise 4-5 times a week for 30-40mins. Also, if you are not a constipated person (like my mother) the third time that she drank the coffee she couldn’t come out of the restroom, she just doesn’t drink it anymore.

  47. dave franco

    When you say I don’t sell this, you sound like a seller. I don’t review a movie and say I love this movie, but I had nothing to do with the production of it(like they do on netflix for independents.) Now on top I drink the keurig cups at work. Some are good, some are not. I have had the latte from Organo Gold, I like my coffee a bit creamy sweet. I must say it is better than the keurig cups. The people who market it to you as a health drink are lying to you. Organo Gold provides you with a healthier alternative to regular coffee. It’s not healthy, no coffee is. Plus Organo Gold has 100% certified organic ganoderma which promotes a healthier immune system, which promotes a healthier life. I even convinced my wife to try it, and she hates coffee by the way. She didn’t become a huge fan, but did admit it tasted better to her than other brands that she has tried. She prefers hot chocolate, she prefers swiss miss over Organo Gold, but did say she didn’t mind it. I haven’t had the hot chocolate myself so I can’t comment on taste. I did recently join Organo Gold. Just got my product today. So I’ll try all the flavors and let you know what i think. I’ve only tried samples so far so I can’t tell if it has really improved my health or energy yet, but I will let you know. Instant coffee does have a stigma for some reason, but I’ve been drinking coffee since I was 7 when my grandmother gave me some when i spent time at her house, and I must say instant and freshly brewed have no major differences. Everyone has there own specific taste, and own specific reasons for doing things. So no, everyone will not love Organo Gold, starbucks, dunkin donuts, foldgers, maxwell house etc., but judge for yourself. That’s why companies when getting feedback listen to thounsands of reviews, before deciding something, not 4 or 5. Plenty of Organo Gold distributors give out free samples, so what do you have to lose?

  48. Dave Wrastin

    I tried a a weeks sampling of all the re products for a colleague at work who had asked me for a honest opionion.. I must say.. WOW< WOW< WOW! The product is great and I slept better, with more energy and feel good. I was skeptical, but I am a fan.
    I am also a business man, and I must say.. will ask my friend for the compensation info, because I may want to market this..

  49. Dave Wrastin

    Hello.. I just got some free samples and have tried the coffee for the last week and,,,,, WOW… Awesome product, with incredible results. I have more energy and sleep way better.. I DO NOT SELL IT, BUT MAY LOOK INTO IT ASAP…. tHIS IS SURE TO BE A HIT.. WHAT A GREAT IDEA,,,,, HEALTHY COFEE!!

  50. Kathy

    My son was approached by someone wanting him to invest and knowing I am an avid coffee drinker, he listened and talked to me later. He took 2 samples so that I can try it and I am NOT impressed by any means! The coffee is so course and almost has a scorched taste to it. The flavor is not rich or smooth and doesn’t even compare to instant coffee. This is not a gourmet product in my opinion; it’s a hyped up disappointment!

  51. Cameron

    Gee, guys, with all these positive comments, this delicious and life-bettering coffee just seems too good to be true. Oh, that’s because everyone here giving it positive reviews is trying to sell it… My father-in-law is trying to sell me on this. His second pyramid scheme in three years. At least his daughter knows her husband isn’t as stupid as her father.

  52. Jack

    I am a moderator for a LinkedIn group and have had a negative view of this coffee even before being able to taste it. The people who are listed as working for or representing the product/company come off like any over-aggressive, opinionated, networkmarketing-gonna-make-me-rich-and-you-too kind of person. I had to delete posts and unlist people over it. I know that doesn’t represent the product per se, but it is a network market business, which in this case left me with a bitter taste in my mouth before even trying the coffee. Jason, I guess you confirmed what I suspected.

    • Christi

      Most products that come from a network marketing group, I am wary of…especially food products. If I buy coffee, it comes from a brand that I know..or one that I find in a legitimate grocery, retail store, or small “mom and pop” business..not being handed to me by a network marketing seller. All these “extraordinary” positive “I love this coffee!” reviews makes me very suspicious, as they are most likely from people who sell it..and those who say that they don’t sell it may not be telling the truth. Since I like coffee, I may try a sample of Organo, but Jason I believe what you have said and the look on your face is priceless.

  53. Christy

    I came across this website when I was searching for how to make the Gourmet Latte. Do I brew it? Doesn’t look like something to brew though. Is it instant? Found my answer. A sample was given to me yesterday at my garage sale. The lady spoke broken English and her son had to translate for the most part so I told her I would go online to check it out. I must say that this is quite tasty. I was preparing for the shock of bitterness, but not with this blend. As for the effects, I’ll let you know in a day or so. This is definitely not a product I will buy because the price is insane! $23.00 for a 20 pack! Plus $13.97 s&h if ordered online!

  54. Carmen

    I tried the mocha at a friends, and I must say it was pretty good. I walked around with the cup in my hand and was done before I knew it. I did some research on the ganoderma lucidum ingredient and it seems pretty amazing. I haven’t seen any negative reviews. Please comments if any.

  55. vero

    you know a little note for everyone .,..we all have diffrent taste buds and our bodies are not all alike so the coffee is diffrent for everyone you just have to try it and hope for the best effect….

  56. vero

    i like this coffee and im not a seller …the black coffee is bittter to me but not as bad as the regular black ones out there…love3 the latte and the others /…… it

    • Christi

      Yes, you are a seller. Most of the extraordinary positive reviews of this coffee are sellers, but don’t want to blow their cover.

  57. Anonymous

    Wow. How the heck do all these Organo Gold coffee lovers find your review all these months later? Such glowing praise for a drink you wanted to spit out. Ick.

  58. Lovely

    I am not a coffe drinker, but someone gave me a few samples, and OMG it tasted horrible. I drank it the next day, it wasn’t so bad but, the energy I had was awesome. I felt great all my headaches was gone, I give one to my friend to try, she loved it and ordered three boxes. She is sleeping much better. And ask for me, I have lost 13lbs and doing great in every way. Now I love the taste and do not leave home without my Organo coffee.

  59. Teresa

    I was handed a sample of this coffee the other day and I am going to be very honest I did not like the taste. does not taste like coffee and not only that i had a stuffy nose and sinus pressure and headache for the rest of the day. I did follow up and it turns out if you have allergies this coffee enhances them wow defiantly not for me I felt like I got ran over by a bus.

  60. Augusta

    Tried my first cup of the latte this morning at a 10 am presentation. I was very surprised that it did not upset my stomach all day, especially because I drank it on an empty stomach.I have never been a coffee drinker because it usually makes me sick. I was also very impressed with the presentation and will be looking into the business more.

  61. terri

    I don’t think it’s healthy at all. I find it a little erie that there is not ONE negative review about this product claiming to be healthy, considering that Ganoderma can cause so many health problems and that the “benefits” have not been actually proven. I feel like i’m being fed a load of bull, and im the only one trying to look into to see the truth. Look up Ganoderma side effects. It’s scary to think that this coffee is supposed to help ppl lower blood pressure, but ppl who have high blood pressure are at risk for not being able to clot blood properly due to the medication that they may take.

    • healthyalways

      u probably dont know how to read well but the effects happen but wear off as u take it cos of the toxins leaving ur body. duhhhh. read more. if we wait for doctors and whoever to ever come up with a prevention or cure for most diseases,thats a long wait cos it will never happen!!!! this product is good,more benefits than disadvantages.

  62. Terri G

    I was unsure at first but it has really helped me. I have fibromyalgia, Chronic pain, headaches, arthritis among some other stuff and this has helped with my pain and I actually have energy. When we ran out I was back to my folgers, and I have felt a huge difference. We are Reps, because I like my coffee, but love that OrGano Gold has helped alot. Not to mention when I go places I can take it with me, hot water does not cost money. I sleep better as well. I am VERY HAPPY with this coffee. And it does effect everyone different, and everyone we have given a sample to are buying becasue it has helped them in one way or another. SOld On OrGano Gold, it is a blessing in our house.

  63. Brett Shoemaker

    Brett Shoemaker here once again Mr. COFFEE!! One thing that I am excited to say is that we, OG – OrGano Gold has now have entered into the brewed coffee arena. Jason, even though you have not gave our product the best feedback we still love you and I admire what you have built!! I would love to send you some Jamaican Blue Mountain blend of our coffee called “Royal Brewed”. Look forward to your feedback!!

    Brett Shoemaker

  64. rigo leal

    I hear what you say about the coffee being strong and the taste is very bitter.. I know the package says pour into your favorite cup but what i do is use 20-24oz. of water for each pack and you got the perfect cup of coffee.. and as for the the health benefits WOW.. try it for a week and see how you feel.. I have nothing but good reviews from my customers.. you can check out my website at or see a quick video thanks for the video.. we need all the feedback we can get.. good or bad..

  65. Martin Thompson

    Oh BS!
    Anyone who says that coffee tastes good is probably someone that also thinks cigarette smoke has a great taste. Right! I’ve accicently tasted used crank case oil and thought it wasn’t much different then coffee. Coffee was, is and always will be bitter. Why? That’s just the way it is!
    But we stil brew and drink it anyway.
    Coffee, like tobacco, has absolutely no nutritional value. Much like tobacco, it depletes every vitamin in the human body.
    But we still brew and drink it anyway.
    Why? That’s just the way it is!
    Countless fortunes are spent annually on it and like tobacco, it’s consumed quite subliminally. That’s right! We don’t even think about it. We just buy brew and drink it.
    Why? That’s just the way it is!
    Those who say it tastes this way or that way…who are you? And more importantly…WHO CARES WHAT YOU THINK. ESPECIALLY WHEN WE KNOW THAT YOU REPRESENT THE SOUR GRAPES COMPETITION! Ha, Ha, Ha!
    So, Because this particular coffee has an adaptagen addative that improves my health and MAKES me feel BETTER, (ABOUT TIME SOMEONE DID THIS) I’m gladly contining to buy, brew and drink Organo Gold Coffee.

    • Terri

      Our Family started drinking Organo Gold 6 weeks ago and Love it We have tried all of the coffee and tea products. At 1st I thought maybe it was a little expensive but it is actually saving us money. Our health has really improved. We have more energy, less fatigue My craving for pop and sugar is gone I have lost weight, My husband’s acid problem is gone He is not buying huge containers of Tums any more. It is a plus to our lives and we plan to continue drinking Organo Gold. We all have toxins in our bodies Ganoderma is a nautral detoxin the longer we drink the products the better we are feeling We have already been able to cut down on our meds.

  66. Kami

    how can the mocha and latte flavored ones be considered healthy with all the fake stuff in them??? non dairy creamer instant coffee and sugar?? I love the mocha and the latte they remind me of international coffee that comes in the metal square box but seriously are they healthy???

  67. CoffeeLover

    I love this coffee; it’s the best instant coffee I’ve tasted. Some people say that it kept them up at night but I didn’t have that problem….each person will react differently; that does not mean that its bad coffee. My husband is a diabetic. His blood sugar is much more under control since he started drinking the coffee….I was skeptical about this but I’ve seen his daily test results…it’s working.

    I do not sell the coffee!!

  68. kp

    From the very first cup, I love this coffee. I have been drinking one cup for 4 days and have previously had no energy and have been diagnosed with malaise & fatigue. After only 4 days, I noticed a big difference and was able to get up out of my bed and become active again. My entire family noticed. This is the first way that it has helped me. This coffee is delicious to say it is instant. Now my husband is drinking it, and he was very skeptical at first.

  69. Tiffany

    Although that bitter coffee face was EPIC, I have to totally disagree with this review. I was given a ton of these coffee sachet packets by one of my co-workers, and I thought they were pretty darned good to be instant(in addition to black coffee, there are flavorerd drinks such as mocha and latte). The latte is so convincing, in fact, that I’m down to my last sachet and planning to order a box. I’d love to see a review of the other OrGano products. They’re a bit pricey, but not when compared to grabbing a four dollar latte at Starbucks every morning. Now, I am a coffee LOVER and I’m not going to pretend that this product compares even slightly to to freshly pulled espresso drinks, but hey, they’re not half bad. Definitely worth a few bucks per cup.

    * On a side note, I added way more water to mine (like twice as much). Maybe that had something to do with it being so bitter :)

  70. Anonymous

    So… I had tried this coffee for the first time the other day. I was a little unsure of it and what they claim it did. But I was helping out a friend so I bought some. I had ended up having 3 cups. Did I sleep… NO! I was up all night. However, I love the taste of the latte and ever since that night I have slept great. I have not weighed myself yet, but I do like it a lot and I hope to find that it works. I do not sell it, but the lady that hosted the party was getting into it. She had another lady do the presentation and she did awesome. For sure sold me the product, but not the business until I look into it more. But I do know that when they say it could be a great company then it could. Coffee is a must for a ton of people, but where I find it might be hard to sell is the price.

  71. Brett Shoemaker


    This is Brett Shoemaker. I sent you some samples of King Of Coffee from OrGano Gold. I was just touching base with you to see if you had an opportunity to review it. Keep me posted. Thanks man!!

    Brett Shoemaker

  72. Patsuriku

    Hehe love yor face when you take the first slurp. made my day :-) And thank you for the review of the instant pain coffee ^_^

  73. Debbie

    I must say I just got this coffee and I LOVE IT!!! I do not use the entire packet for one cup… I split it and make two large cups, which are pretty good. This coffee has great benefits, and does exactly what they say it does!! I have not felt this good in forever!!! Lost a few pounds already, and I sleep great!!! I bought a 30 packet box and for sure will be buying many more. Sure, I have had better tasting coffee’s, but this one is remarkable. Absolutely remarkable.

  74. Jason Coffee

    @Marty – Which email address are you trying? I have been having major issues with [email protected] that I just got resolved. I will email you right now. I am very sorry.

  75. BaristaOnDutY

    I Must Say That I Have Tried Some Of Those Different Type Health Coffees, My Thing Is This Coffee As Is, Is Already Healthy When U Start Adding Things It’s Like Blending Coffee, All Coffees Dont Blend Well. I Will Say That I Personally Have A More Healthy Coffee That Is Being Tested, But I Can Assure U It’s Not Bitter, Nor Does It Have The Herbal Scent. I Will Stop At This But If Ur Gonna Sell An Herbal Drink U Should Come Up With Another Name Seriously Because This Is How Coffee Got The Bad Name In The Beginning The Whole Bitter Black Thing Because Companies Were More Concerned About Profits Instead Of Quality, So That Roasted Anything. I’m Done B4 I Start Coffee Venting!! HaHa Nice Bitter Face! C|_|

    • Kyla29

      Thanks for this review. I gotta be honest, only good feedback I’ve seen are from those who SELL it. I’m not being funny, because in fact what lead me to this site was a search for a REAL Organo Gold review because I have 2 ppl trying to bring me into being a distributor, seller, rep..etc for this but I’m not one to sell or try to market ANYTHING that I don’t absolutely love. And although I love coffee, I couldn’t dare sell something I deem to be terrible in taste, lol. No matter how “healthy” it’s supposed to be. The 2 reps that I have in my ear are supposed to be sending me some samples but I hadn’t received them yet, so I decided to look online for an UNBIASED opinion in the meantime.

      Thanx a lot.

    • Judi

      Sorry, but I am halfway through my box of Organo Gold gourmet coffee and really love it. The packs of instant are the perfect strength for my large thermal cup and I cut it in half for a regular mug. It does have a different taste but having gotten used to it I actually prefer it. I also feel it makes me feel better on the days I use it and reduces appetite which is also a good thing for me. I will definitely go on drinking this. Since I use instant at home and have no coffee shops between home and office this is perfect for me.

    • Malisha

      I tried this due to a relative is a distributor. All I can say is that it was disgusting to me! She wants for me to sign on and sale it as well….however I cant be a hypocrite and sale the stuff when I don’t even like it! I’m with Jason….this gets a -1 on a scale of 10!!!!

  76. Neil

    Maybe you need to come up with a third rating scale; one for instant coffee. I can’t imagine anyone (except for Starbucks) foolish enough to think that an instant coffee could taste anywhere close to a freshly roasted, freshly ground, freshly brewed cup of coffee. Compared to the french press I am sure that this was terrible coffee, compared to other instant coffees, however, perhaps not so bad (or maybe it was). Regardless, this is not a coffee I am likely to try anytime soon. Thanks for taking another one for the team.

    • Angela S

      I actually had someone give me two samples over the weekend…and I really liked it. The flavor is a little different.. but I think when I get used to it I may prefer it. I am definitely going to call April (who gave me the samples)…and order some.
      Its worth giving it a try…and NO, I do not sell it 😉

      • kevlon

        To be honest the mocha and latte tastes like hot chocolate but they have other coffee packages such as the blue mountain royal brew which is a more hardcore coffee like we are used to. They all taste great in my opinion

    • Rusty

      Don’t be so quick to write this off…I tried some last weekend and I was impressed. I was also hesitant about “instant” but this is very good. I usually drink Tully’s and I use the Keurig machine with K-cups. I will definitely buy the Organo K-cups now too.

    • #1 Winner

      You must not drink your coffee straight black. Try half the bag and prepare it as you would your normal coffee. The Latte, and Mocha are ready too drink. I kinda like the Latte a little more than the Mocha. Just FYI.