One Village Coffee

Guatemala Chajul will be the first of many coffees we will try from One Village Coffee. This coffee did some really fun things in my mouth that I would like to share with you! The aroma and flavor were a really fun slice of my day to say the least. 

First I would like to highlight the unique packaging. It is simple and eye catching with really fun art that represents where it’s from and what it offers. Guatemala Chajul from One Valley Coffee is roasted extremely light, is organic and fair trade. It grown in the mountains of Northwest Guatemala at 5,500 feet above sea level by a group of 1,600 farmers. This coffee co-op helps to improve the quality of life of the farmers involved.

Guatemala Tasting

As soon as I started smelling this coffee I thought I would like it. It was light, wafting, and had a simple sweetness to it. Some specific aromas were cherry, caramel and nut.

The next part was my favorite, the slurp! From the moment this coffee hit my tongue It sprang off of it like Tigger! The acidity kept bouncing around on the sides of my tongue as the intense tart sweetness seemed to shoot out of the front of my mouth like a geyser. The most prominent flavor was tart cherries with a caramel sugar sweetness.

I would highly recommend this coffee to anyone that enjoys a light roast coffee with tons of pleasing acidity and sweetness.

One Village Coffee Guatemala Kajul

Aroma: light Cherry, caramel, nut
Notes: tart cherry, bright acidity, caramel sweetness.

Coffee Score

89 Points out of 100

Aroma: 8
Acidity: 9
Body: 6
Flavor: 8
Aftertaste: 8

Question of the Day:

Do you enjoy a light coffee with bright acidity?