Mudslide Flavored Coffee Review – Episode 58

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Jason Coffee


Jason reviews a flavored coffee from Port City Coffee Roasters.


Port City Mudslide Flavored Coffee


Sweet, pleasing acidity, dark mocha and a nutty undertone.

Overall Rating

8 out of 10

Aroma: 9
Acidity: 9
Body: 8
Flavor: 7
Aftertaste: 7

Question of the Day?

What is your favorite TV show of all time? When you were a kid?

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  1. elisha

    Hi, Neat post. There is a problem with your website in internet explorer, would test this… IE still is the market leader and a huge portion of people will miss your fantastic writing due to this problem.

  2. Deborah Curran

    I always loved watching mary Tyer Moore as a child and still enjoy the reruns. I love the idea of brownie coffee! Can have my coffee AND chocolate fix without the calories. lol

  3. Anonymous

    Mary Tyler Moore was always my favorite – still enjoy reruns. I love the idea of brownie flavored coffee. I can have my coffee and chocolate fix all in one without the calories

  4. @nectarwine

    Awesome. I’m never a fan of flavored coffee, but just because I haven’t found one yet, doesn’t mean they are not out there. Can this coffee be purchased anywhere other than directly from the maker?

    Another fantastic episode – love your passion and enthusiasm.

    Josh @nectarwine (love coffee too) 😉

  5. Baldguy

    I’ve never been a big fan of chocolate coffee, however I may have to give this one a try. Sounds like a nice after dinner cuppa.

    My favorite show of all time: Dick Van Dyke Show
    Now: Big Bang Theory
    As a kid: Brady Bunch

  6. BaristaOnDutY

    Nice Score, I Wonder What Actually Sparks Ur Brain When U Rate A Coffee A 10, As U Say Everyone Has Different Palates, Good Thing Or We’d All Be Drinking Folders, Maxwell House N Sanka 😀 c|_| This Is My Brain On Coffee~

  7. Jason

    I love Port City Java, just a little upset that the location in Cary, NC went out of business, but thankfully there are several locations around NC State.

  8. Barry

    Flavored coffees have never struck me well. There are times when I’ll add some flavored syrup to my coffee, but vary sparingly – I can control the amount, and you can’t do that when the coffee is flavored already.

    As far as TV shows, my favorite show of all time (and as a kid) is M*A*S*H. Even though it’s a show about a war in a specific period of time, the relationships on the show are timeless.

  9. Shanda

    A couple of days ago I had coffee with an older woman who was a regular customer of mine at Starbucks. She bought some ground coffee with coconut flavor believe it or not from a clothing outlet store called ROSS. When I first tasted it, I thought it tasted like nasty hazelnut flavored coffee. But after marinating in my mouth for a few seconds, the coconut flavor attacked the back of my tongue and left a bitter, earthy taste lingering on the surface. A slice of Lemon pound cake served up with it made the experience nothing short of nightmarish. She was great company though. :)

  10. Eric Hall

    Not a big fan of flavored coffee’s – I like coffee to taste like…. well coffee…
    QOTD – Seinfeld – what other show can you refer to by episode name – The content, Not that there’s anything wrong with it, the stakeout…..

  11. rocio

    another flavored coffee, yay, would love to try it! we finally got around to renting “the wire” series last year, great show..

  12. My hmphs

    @Mike B, I agree. I’d even go so far as to say most flavored coffees don’t even taste like coffee, and the flavor is only slightly reminiscent of what it’s supposed to be…

  13. Michelle Simons

    That coffee sounds so good, would love to try it. QOTD nothing better then The Golden Girls, I can watch then all the time.

  14. Houseonahillorg

    Currently, I would die without NCIS. As a kid? Hill Street Blues.

    Really like anything to do with coffee, so I think your blog and tweets are awesome! Thanks for being you~

  15. angela

    mmmm chocolate coffee! 3wo of my favorite things wrapped up in one! doesn’t get much better than that!
    Favorite TV show as a kid would have to have been “The Courtship of Eddy’s Father” loved that show along with “Love American Style”, favorite show now has got to be “Lost” though….hooks e in even if I miss an episode!

  16. TexasWango

    I just can’t get into flavored coffee. If I want chocolate, I’m gonna eat some chocolate. When I want coffee, I want coffee. Now, my favorite coffee is Capoccetti Miscela Rossa. I’ve tried a lot of coffee in my 40+ years and I’ve not found a better one. An absolute perfect blend, 50/50 Arabica and Robusta with a perfect roast.

    Favorite TV show of all time, Seinfeld, hands down. When I was a kid, Hong Kong Phooey.

  17. Tara K Aiken

    Thanks for the review, Jason! You got the street correct by the way-Islington Street in Portsmouth (pronounced Portsmith, though!) =)
    Spot on with the aromas you mentioned! And yes, if you like flavored coffees, I can guarantee you’ll like this. If not, then well…can’t wait for you to try the others!

    Melissa-If you like chocolate coffees, try our Wedding Cake flavor. It’s a new favorite of many!

    QOTD: I would have to say 90210 hooked me in middle school and will always be what I watch over and over.

  18. Mike B

    I know what you mean about that “fake” taste that flavored coffees have. It’s almost comparable to pepsi and diet pepsi. They are both sweet, but you can tell the sweetener is artificial.

    QOTD – Seinfeld. Every episode of this show makes me laugh, even years after its been off air

  19. Casey Pieretti

    This Coffee sounds good. I love mocha’s and often will add organic chocolate chips to my espresso.

    qotd. favorite show of all time….always evolving but right now I would say M.A.S.H., as a kid The Fall Guy, must of had some influence since I do stunts for a living.

  20. Melissa

    This sounds like a really nice flavored coffee. Can’t go wrong with chocolate.

    QOTD: I watch a lot of TV, but my all time favorite has to be Friends. I never get tired of watching reruns. As a kid, I loved to watch Garfield.

  21. Neil

    Sounds like a good find as far as flavored coffees go.

    qotd? I am certain that this will “date” me, but my favorite of all time and of my childhood are the same — Hogan’s Heroes. That show seems timeless to me.

  22. Mike from Daily Shot Of Coffee

    I really liked the Mudslide from the Port City Coffee Roasters, all of their coffees are great, but I think it was my favorite. It’s not overwhelming like some flavored coffees can be from other places.

    Favorite TV show of all time is really tough. I don’t think I can pick just one, West Wing, the old Simpsons, the Office, etc.