Top 7 Tips – How To Make Coffee

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If you make coffee at home there are a few things you need to know if you want to make it taste it’s best. Over the past 11 years these tips are what have helped me make my best tasting cups of coffee.

How To Make Coffee: Top 7 Tips

When it comes to making coffee there are so many ways you can make a better cup but the below list tips are essential no matter the brewing method or technique. Throughout the article I make recommendations on which tool or service to use to get the job done right. These recommendations are based upon my experience and the best value at a great price.

make coffee1. Select The Right Coffee

You would think selecting the right coffee was obvious but way to many times people are drinking a coffee that they have heard is the best like, French Roast or anything arabica. When selecting the right coffee it’s all about tasting the full array of what is available to you. That is the way you will know what you really like. I have a full tutorial on how to find the best coffee that’s right for you. The easiest way to try new coffees is to do tasting in your local coffee shop or by becoming a member of a coffee subscription like Mistobox.

2. Coffee Brewing Method

The brewing method you select is up to you and should fit perfect with you lifestyle that is also known for making good coffee. If you are someone who is on the go then this drip coffee maker is the way to go. If you are someone who is willing to wake up a little earlier to dedicate yourself to more details to get a better tasting cup of coffee then a Chemex or French Press might be a good option for you. This guide can help you in selecting the right coffee brewer for you.

coffee burr grinder

3. Coffee Grinder

When selecting a coffee grinder the first place to start is with a burr grinder. Seriously don’t even waste your time looking at blade grinders if you are serious about making a great tasting cup of coffee. Burr grinders use conical burrs which grind your coffee evenly allowing for even saturation of you coffee. I recommend the Capresso Infinity.

4. Whole Bean Coffee

Whole bean coffee is the only way to go when buying coffee. The most important thing to remember is that oxygen is coffee’s biggest killer. Store you whole bean coffee in a sealed container in a cool and dry place (Do not store it in the freezer!).

5. Clean Water

Clean water is essential when making coffee. If you use unfiltered tap water it has chemicals in it that can affect the flavor of your coffee. Using a filter like the Purr Water Filter is one simplest ways you can transform your coffee drinking experience.

6. Hot Water

coffee waterThe bench mark temperature when brewing coffee is 195 degrees Fahrenheit to 205 degrees Fahrenheit. If you select a cheaper drip coffee maker the temperatures differ and rarely achieve a hot enough water temperature. This is why I recommend brewing either 10 seconds after a boil or using a thermometer when brewing by hand.

7. Coffee to Water Ratio

The ratio of coffee to water differs based on your brew style but the best place to start is with 2 tablespoons to every 6 oz of water. You can make adjustments based upon your preference and brew method from that point but making coffee too weak or too strong can produce a cup of coffee that is too thin which lacks body or to thick which lacks depth. I recommend using a digital scale food scale when weighing your coffee.

Do you have any tips on how to make the best coffee at home? Please share them in the comments.

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