Latte Art: 41 Very Delicious Designs

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Jason Coffee
Latte Art

Latte art is more than just about creating a coffee drink that looks nice. It’s a way for the barista to show that they have honed their craft to the next level. Latte art requires a certain degree of skill, an ability to steam milk with precision for perfect micro foam and shows that they have a dedication to excellence in presentation. We love enjoying new coffee creations. Everyday people tweet us pictures of their coffee (which we Retweet) and handcrafted lattes. Here are some examples of Latte Art designs that look simply delicious. (More cool designs also see: 17 Amazing Coffee Posters.)

latte art tulipsLatte Art Tulips, Swan & Rosettas – credit: CairnsDining

latte art designcredit: mandydale

wheel latte artcredit: PoYang_博仰

heart latteHeart latte art – credit: John Prince from Japan

tulip lattecredit: INeedCoffee

lattee art collageLatte art collage – credit: LHDumes

obama latte art

Obama latte art with cocoa design – via: webpulp

upside down tulip

credit: nicely85

latte and plants

Latte art and plants – via hongkiat

etching latte

latte etching with chocolate – by jibbilittle

john lenon latte

John Lennon Latte – via: webpulp

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