November 18, 2014

Kuma Coffee - Sumatra

Kuma Coffee, run by Roastmaster Mark Barany. From just a quick read of Kuma’s about us page it becomes clear that roasting coffee for Mark is a highly personal experience. It is refreshing, having the opportunity, to taste coffee roasted by a company that approaches it with such passion and humility.

Kuma Coffee

 Kuma Coffee   Sumatra

Coffee Preparation

I have been in California the past couple week and as a result I have been hand grinding all of my coffee. This has not only strengthened my forearm unbelievably (I challenge any of your to an arm wrestling match.) but has also given me a whole new appreciation for coffee preparation. The aromas that filled the air while grinding this coffee filled my mind with anticipation. I smelled huge fruit and intoxicating herbs and spice. The Clever Coffee Dripper has been my best friend. It has given me the opportunity to really hone in my C.C.D. skills to, dare I say, an almost JasonBurton level.

 Kuma Coffee   Sumatra

Enjoying the Sumatra Coffee

As the header suggests I have enjoyed this coffee. What I am going to try to convey is how much. Typically when people think of a Sumatran coffee they think muddy, dirty and dark. This roast breaks down every preconceived notion you may have ever had about Sumatra. It is has juicy acidity, sweetness and complexity. The acidity has an intense grapefruit quality with a pronounced peach sweetness on the front end. These flavors evolve over your tongue toward the back with herbs and spice. I drank this coffee every morning this week for breakfast  and my tongue is still begging for more.

 Kuma Coffee   Sumatra  Kuma Coffee   Sumatra

Kuma Sumatra Coffee

92+ points

Aroma: 9
Acidity: 9
Body: 8
Flavor: 9
Aftertaste: 8

 Kuma Coffee   Sumatra

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 Kuma Coffee   Sumatra
 Kuma Coffee   Sumatra
 Kuma Coffee   Sumatra

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 Kuma Coffee   Sumatra
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