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Johnson Brother’s Coffee Roasters was found in 1994 in Madison, WI by Michael Johnson. I recently spoke with Michael and I can tell you that he is very knowledgable and passionate about Specialty Coffee. He talked about how important  seeking out only the best coffee and establishing direct trade relationships with the farmers, even if that meant paying well beyond fair trade prices. While talking with Michael I was extremely inspired to take a trip to origin and get more involved in relationship coffees.

Johnson Brothers Coffee Roasters

Kenya Peaberry Meru Kinjo

I received four coffees from JBCR but the one that I spent the most time with was the Kenya Peaberry. I brewed my first cup two days after the roast date. It was good but was one-dimensional. It had a really nice acidity but lacked body and smoothness. (This was really my fault for not being patient enough to wait the minimum of 72 hours coffee needs to unlock its flavor.) On day five this coffee had opened up to what I would consider its full potential. The aroma was extremely fruity with a lemon zest undertone. The flavors which came out on the slurp are of the most amazing I have experienced this year. The grapefruit acidity  was so intense yet was not overdone. The coffee held together nicely with a smooth body, honey sweetness and pleasing tart fruit acidity. If you are an African coffee lover I cannot overstate myrecommendation of this coffee enough.

Coffee Brewing Methods

Coffee Brewing Methods

I brewed the Kenya in just about every coffee method available. I used a Clever, Siphon, Chemex, Pour Over, Trifecta MB, French Press, Aeropress and Espresso. They all retained its pleasing attributes while increasing intensity of different nuances. The only brew method that did not do the coffee justice, IMHO, was espresso. Brewing this Kenya as espresso intensified the tart fruit acidity to a point of overwhelmingness. (This is expected.) So regardless of your home brewing method this coffee gets a thumbs up recommendation!

Coffee Quality

As I was preparing this coffee, one thing that stood out to me was how few defects I could find in the coffee. The coffee beans seemed to be, almost, flawless and picked over with a fine toothed comb. I was very impressed with how much care was taken to select only the finest beans.

coffee with beans

Johnson Brothers Coffee Roasters

Over the few weeks JBCR will be making appearances on Coffee Cup News. In the next JBCR post we will be featuring their Eliza Espresso which performed really well in my Rancilio Silvia V3.

Have you tried Johnson Brothers Coffee?

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