Joe’s Dark

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Jason Coffee
Whole Bean

Jason reviews Joe’s Dark from Trader Joes.

This is a dark roast coffee with coffee coming from Vietnam and Papua New Guinea.

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  1. Linda

    Just came across this review after trying out TJ’s Dark Roast. I liked it a lot too! Plus it’s super affordable! Love your blog – I’m trying to learn more about the coffee world slowly but surely!

  2. Glen

    Was this ground or beans? When was the roast date? Those ought to be the top concerns. Granted that coffee probably tastes a lot better than say maxwell or folgers because of a much higher quality bean to start with. Without knowing more specifics on the origins let me ask, are they flavoring their coffee? I do like your Vlog sir, it is good stuff.

    100 with a heat index of 105 to 108 or so in Augusta GA… Yes unusually hot. Have not been below 90 since April.