Iced Starbucks VIA – Episode #166

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Jason Coffee

Jason reviews Starbucks Via Iced Coffee.

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  1. Blake

    After reading some of the various comments posted, props to you for being so open minded to products such as K-Cups and VIA. Even though I’m not a huge fan of the VIA line, I think people can learn a lot by watching these episodes. Keep doing what you do! I drink a decent amount of iced coffee since I do work at a coffee shop. In my opinion, I like iced coffee when its brewed with Toddy, a cold-water brewing process.


    Jason, Do you plan on doing a coffee tasting of Starbucks Summer Blend? I did one the other day with my Staff and would love to see your point of view!


    Absolutely love this product! I was not a fan of the Via. I have already brought 3 packages. It is great for someone on the go. I think that with a touch of breve it is perfect. I personally drink my iced coffee lightly sweetened with 1/2 and 1/2! Great for someone on the road (which I drive 3 hours a day) I think that this by far is amazing for instant coffee.

  4. eyepatch

    I drink a ton of ice coffee living in TX, especially this time of year. I drink it with a packet of splenda about half the time, especially if its my parents bad coffee they drink. I’ve been having starbucks actually give a quad shot on ice which is pretty decent black. I would probably never buy this product since I avoid all things sugar in general.

  5. OhMiller

    Thank you for this review!
    I do drink iced coffee more than hot coffee but I usually just add a sugar-free flavor, like vanilla, rather than adding sugar. I think I would still try this product, at least once.

  6. CABarista

    $5.95 for a 5 pack in the US. btw, the sugar isn’t really free in an iced coffee. As in the iced coffee costs more than hot. Not necessarily a huge fan of this, but just some info. I loved iced coffee…I don’t really like it super sweet.

  7. ArtofExtraction

    I guess everything is better with sugar.

    qotd? I occasionally drink iced coffee, but when I do I go to the extreme and add not only some caramel syrup, but also whole milk. I do not add sugar.