How Many Calories are in a Cup of Coffee?

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In all actuality coffee on it’s own has almost no calories. According to Starbucks their brewed coffee has only 5 calories for the Grande size (16 oz) and contains 1 gram of protein. Who new? In this article we are going to delve into why coffee can increase in calories dramatically from just a few small changes.

Brewed Coffee Benefits

The health benefits of coffee are numerous. Almost all of the studies that show these benefits were exclusively done with regular brewed coffee, which as we covered above contains almost no calories and actually contains protein. So the next time you think how good your coffee is for you while reaching for your Venti Frappaccino think again. And you don’t even have to order anything that extravagant, adding just small modifications to your strong, healthy, bold cup of coffee can have HUGE effects on both the fat and calorie content of your otherwise flawless beverage.

The Modifications

Below is a demonstration of how much one little change can have on your precious cup of brewed coffee, in terms of calorie content.

Adding (to regular brewed coffee):

Cup of Coffee (16 oz) – 5 Calories
Whipped Cream – 70 calories
Cream (1 Tbsp) – 52 Calories
Half N Half (1 Tbsp) – 20 calories
Sugar (1 tsp) – 20 calories
Cinnamon (1 tsp) – 6 calories
Nutmeg (1tsp) – 12 calories
Sweet N Low (1 packet) – 4 calories
Coffee-Mate Original – 10 calories
Coffee-Mate Liquid Original – 20 Calories
Coffee-Mate Liquid Flavored (1 Tbsp) – 35 Calories

The Heavy Hitters

As you can see adding just a couple things to your brewed coffee can have a pretty big impact as the modifications stack up. I personally have never been a calorie watcher but then again I usually drink my coffee black. (As a side note I would really encourage you, as I have before, to try it this way.) Now that we have taken a look at brewed coffee let’s move on to what we will call our Heavy Hitters, that you will find in most coffee shops today.

Americano – 15 calories
Cappuccino – 120 calories
Latte – 190 calories
Mocha – 330 calories
Pumpkin Spice Latte – 380 Calories
White Mocha – 470 calories

(based on 16 oz Starbucks Coffee espresso drinks and 2% milk)

So as you can see coffee can be an amazing beverage with numerous health benefits but as soon as that first splash of cream, sugar or sweet n slow hits the coffee in the cup it starts to change how much of a health ally it really is.  I am not totally against modifiers or drink variations but I think their is a major case to be made for experiencing the coffee for what it is by itself on at least an occasional basis or even more often. So hears to many more awesome drinks made with whatever modifiers you deem to be appropriate for you, Cheers!


You didn’t think I would leave out our the heaviest hitters of all did you? The all to famous Frappaccino that was in our intro to this article has anywhere from 180 calories (12 oz blended coffee) to as much as around 700 calories (24 oz double chocolate chip blended cream). Now that is some heavy hitting! And on a more broad note of calorie counting I recently found a website where you can calculate your daily calorie intake.

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  1. [email protected] Coffee Maker

    I recently wrote a post on my blog about this very thing… while coffee can actually have a number of benefits by itself, it is the sugar and milk that can have unwanted affects on the body.

    Also, moderation is the key. Having a few cups per day may have some health benefits as well as personal enjoyment, but 10 cups per day will likely lead to problems.

    …ok, off to make an espresso!

  2. scarletth

    Very interesting information. I love dring coffee. I know it has so many health benefits. But I didn’t know that there are so many pocesses involved behind it. Thanks for the information on Heavy Hitters. I really found new inormation here.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Neil

    Great information Jason. It seems to me that many people who drink all of these specialty coffee drinks like the idea of coffee more than they really like coffee. I am with Jason from SingleserveCoffeedeals; if you really like coffee you don’t want to cover up all of the nuances of a quality coffee. Enjoy the coffee without all of the calories and with awesome flavors.

  4. BaristaOnDutY

    As Always Nice Posting! Funny When I Actually Worked At Starbucks, The Amount Of People That Would Ask For The Coffee Make-Up, Then Turn Right Back Around & Talk About A Diet! I Have 2 Second With U On The Black Cup! I Will Splurge & Put Some Pet Evaporated Milk Lil Sugar Or Honey From Time 2 Time~ To Me With Honey N Milk I Can A More Vitamins N Minerals Per Cup 😀 c|_|