November 26, 2015

How Long is Coffee Good?

Many people have their 1lb coffee bag ground when they buy it at the store. It’s understandable. It is an accurate grind and easier. But how long is the coffee good once it’s ground? How long is it good once I open the bag? Should I freeze my coffee? refrigerate? Let’s answer these questions.

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Ground Coffee

Once you grind your coffee immediately it starts to break down the flavor. The flavor significantly starts to change after 24 hours. After 3-7 days it changes so radically I do not find it enjoyable to drink. The coffee becomes bland and stale. All things considered if you cannot finish a 1lb bag in less than 1 week then I would recommend buying a burr grinder with stainless steal conical burrs and grinding the amount you need daily. If you have a blade grinder – I have a tutorial on how to get the perfect grind.

Whole Bean

Leaving your beans in whole bean form will give it a longer shelf life. This is the best option in regards to freshness. It takes longer for the air to get to the core of the coffees flavor. I do not notice any significant difference in flavor until day 7. From day 7-14 the flavor of the coffee starts to break down. By day 14 it is not recognizable as the same coffee anymore. Again the coffee becomes stale and bland.

How NOT to Store

I have heard over and over that freezing/refrigerating coffee makes it last longer. I say emphatically: WRONG! Well, this is only true in one instance – If it is sealed/unopened and you are going to keep it in the freezer without taking it out until you are going to use it. I ask one question at this point. If you are not going to open it, why not just wait to buy it until you are going to use it? (There are obviously reasons why you might store them in the freezer: have to much coffee because of presents, Costco etc… but if you can avoid this, please do.) Most coffees are good in the air-locked bag for at least 6 months anyways. Moving your coffee from the freezer/frig to the open air does horrible things to your coffee. I won’t bother listing them all here. Just know that it totally changes the flavor of the Amazing precious coffee you plan to enjoy.

How TO Store

After the bag is opened store your coffee in a cool dry place in a air locked container. It’s that easy.

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