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Hey everyone! It’s been a fun week in the world of roasting. I hope everyone had a chance to check out my first article. Opinions are welcome here.

I’ve been getting to know my Behmor a little better now.

I roasted up some Guatemala Finca La Florencia 100% Bourbon on Wednesday. On the package it say’s it has notes of a “Balanced Bourbon-Cultivar profile, rounded mouthfeel, almond and chocolate roast tones, tangerine brightness, malt and caramel, floral traces as it cools.”

About 17min in, I was able to roast it to a Full City roast and have so far been impressed with the results. I still don’t think this coffee has reached it’s full flavor, but it is still really good nonetheless.

Without giving too much away here, I noticed there’s a very pronounced chocolate note, it has a very smooth feeling in your mouth.

Thursday I roasted up some more coffee. This time I went with some Kenya Nyeri Kiamabara, which turned into a total mess. I don’t know what I was thinking going with a Full City roast, but it ended up a dark roast at the end.

I assume that smaller beans means less water in them. I didn’t hear much of a 1st crack which should have been a good indication to start really watching them, and then to pull them off, but I ended up letting them roast a little too long.

I tried the Kenya thinking they would still be salvageable in some way, but a dark roast Kenya became a dark roast with nothing good to offer.

The Kenya was roasted for 15 minutes which I now know they should have only gone for maybe 12-13 minutes tops.

Roasting a 1/2 pound of coffee in the Behmor on the 1 pound setting really helps. It gives you those extra couple minutes just in case you need to roast longer, and then if the extra minutes aren’t needed you can just throw the roast into cool down.

I am going for round 2 on the Kenya Nyeri Kiamabara within the next couple days, so stay tuned to see what happens with that batch.

Also, keep a lookout for my review on the Guatemala Finca La Florencia 100% Bourbon over at The Coffee Adventures.

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  1. mattcreynolds

    I’ve been away for a bit and come back to find you own a Behmor!?

    Great news, happy to hear you are really stepping into the geeked-out world of coffee!

    – Matt