March 27, 2015

Adventures in Home Roasting

Welcome to home roasting, a Sunday special with me, Jamie from The Coffee Adventures.

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I am a coffee addict as most of you know, who has a serious passion for coffee.  I’ve been roasting coffee for a few months now and have recently moved up to the Behmor 1600.  Thanks to Jason, every Sunday I am bringing my adventures through the world of home roasting.  No experts required.  If you love roasting as much as me, all you’ll need is passion.

Today I want to cover roasting with a Behmor and what I have learned about it so far.

I have tried several different ways to roast.  The first being the skillet which really was not for me, the popcorn method which had a bit of a learning curve, but overall did a good job, and now the Behmor.

At first, the Behmor held me back because of price, but I’m starting to realize that it was totally worth it.

The first thing I thought was “this is really easy to roast and with the punch of a few buttons it’s roasting and I can just sit and watch.”  That partially being true, I also learned a few things about this Behmor that the manual may have forgotten to mention.

The manual says you can add extra time to your roast if you feel that it needs more time, but you are only limited to adding a maximum of two minutes.  An extra two minutes of roasting can mean burning your beans past recognition or sometimes not being roasted enough.

A quick thanks to @neilfruitii for some helpful tips.  He mentioned that when roasting a 1/2 pound roast that if you roast it as a 1 pound roast it will give you more time so you can get more to the roast you are looking for instead of it deciding when it thinks your roast is done.  By doing this you have to keep a closer eye on the roast, but then again that’s why they say you can’t leave it’s sight.

So far, I have roasted two different batches of coffee from Sweet Maria’s using the Behmor and only one batch turned out to be good.  Not sure what happened with the Java Kajumas Organic Wet-Hulled, but it’s like pancakes I guess…  You never eat the first one.

The second batch I used Colombia Gaitania “Los Pijaos de Tolima.”  I didn’t get to a Full City Roast like I had wanted, but even at a City Roast it turned out really good.

You can read my review of the Colombia Gaitania “Los Pijaos de Tolima” here at The Coffee Adventures.

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