Gourmet Mocha Review, An Organo Gold Coffee

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Jason Coffee

This is a review of an instant coffee called Gourmet Mocha. This “healthy coffee” is made by a company called OrGano Gold. Organo gold is sold through an MLM company.

Do you like these types of coffees? Have you tried Gourmet Mocha by Organo Gold?

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  1. Matt

    He/she (user: organo gold coffee) probably is selling it… I haven’t been able to find anything definitive on Ganoderma as to its supposed health benefits. Has anyone else?

  2. Aliogirl

    Mocha is my favourite tasting coffee from Organo Gold line of products …it has a chocolate flavour which makes it a #1….

  3. Torsha Lynch

    Mocha from Organo Gold was the taste that got me started in the business as a distributor. For coffee to taste so good and have benefits was to good to be true. Just had a cup to sooth me while sitting at work about 10 minutes ago.