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Jason Coffee

Chemex & Aeropress Coffee Brewers Giveaway

LA Coffee Club is giving away one Chemex or Aeropress coffee brewer every week. All you have to do is Follow [adrotate banner=”15″] on Twitter or subscribe to the LA Coffee Club newsletter to enter! So what are you waiting for? Follow LA Coffee Club on twitter. (Leave a comment down below to confirm your entry in the giveaway.)

LA Coffee Club

collared chemex glass [adrotate banner=”9″] is a coffee subscription service. They find the best coffee in Los Angeles California and make it available for anyone to purchase online. I had the opportunity to try coffee from LA Coffee Club and I can tell you it’s worth it. Every coffee I have tried from LA Coffee Club, so far, has rocked my world. In my opinion this is one of the best ways you can enjoy amazing tasting coffee that you otherwise may never have been exposed to.

Chemex and Aeropress

If you have never brewed coffee in a Chemex or Aeropress you are in a for a real treat! The Chemex and Aeropress deliver phenomenal tasting coffee. A Chemex is a pour over brew method which makes for a very clean cup and highlights the fine nuances in flavor a good coffee can provide. The Aeropress is a pressure brew system which makes for a more full bodied cup and is the perfect coffee companion when staying in a hotel or going camping.

So if you love good coffee and want the perfect way to enjoy it follow [adrotate banner=”15″] on Twitter.

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  1. Cort Kern

    OMG! Thank you for following me :) otherwise I wouldn't of found out about this contest. I have a Chemex but need an Aeropress and I have Coava Metal disc for it :) please and thank you for this contest.

  2. Renee Euchner

    Would you be willing to answer a few questions for a trend study? We are trying to find out if Keurig’s will be affected by the K-Cup patent expiration and the new Starbucks Verisimo.

    Hoping to hear back in the next few days.


    • Mongi

      Hi David,I was referring to lretial acid level, as measured on a pH meter. This is the same acid that gives many people a tummy ache after drinking regular drip brew. We have received scores of emails from people who said that they can’t stomach drip brew but happily drink AeroPress brew, which has one-fifth the acid level. Acidity is also used in the coffee world as an aspect of flavor. Many users have confirmed that this or any other flavor aspect is not diminished by the AeroPress recommended brew method.As you well know, the AeroPress allows for a great deal of variation and experimentation in the brewing process. I had no intention of disparaging variations when posting my comment. I just wanted to say that pushing more water through the same grounds increases bitterness and acid level. Some people love it that way, they like edge in their cup. Vive le difference!Best regards,Alan

  3. Name Anne Hernandez

    Following you on Twitter. LOVE all things coffee and am excited to be in the Chemex Coffee Maker giveaway.