Flavored KCup: French Toast

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Jason Coffee

Flavored KCup Coffee

Flavored Coffee is not an easy thing to get right. When it’s done wrong it can taste chemically and fake. If it’s right the results have amazing potential. Today we are reviewing a French Toast Flavored KCup from Green Mountain. Let’s see if they nailed it or failed it.

Golden French Toast Green Mountain Coffee

Green Mountain Golden French Toast

Green Mountain K-Cup have historically (with Coffee Cup News) scored better than other Keurig coffees on average. I was curios to see if this held up with their flavored French Toast coffee.

Brewing Green Mountain Coffee

Coffee Brewing Settings

Our Breville Keurig coffee machine has 4 size settings. In our K-Cup reviews I use the 5.25 ounce setting because it provides for a more full and balanced cup. I think  that any other setting makes the coffee taste watered down and thin. However, this does mean that if I want a full cup of coffee I end up using 2 K-Cups. I do not believe it is worth it to stretch my coffee at the expense of body and flavor. After all that is the reason I am drinking coffee in the first place. Like all things, you get what you pay for.

Keurig French Toast Coffee Review

While the coffee was brewing it literally smelled like someone was making french toast in my kitchen. It was an intense aroma of cinnamon, sugar and maple syrup.  My first sip awakened my tongue with sugar, honey, cinnamon and maple syrup. It was like liquid french toast with coffee for breakfast. In my opinion, Green Mountain Coffee did another great job with a KCup coffee. If you are a fan of flavored coffees I recommend that you purchase this Golden French Toast coffee.

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