Barista Got My Latte Wrong Again!

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Jason Coffee

First World Problems: Barista Got My Latte Wrong Again!

For those of us that have been baristas this video is a welcomed poke at the overreacting customer. The customer that throws a drink in the face of the barista who did not make their drink extra-hot like requested. (Yes that really happened.) The video above is funny meme but it points out the fact that many of our perceived problems are not worth even acknowledging with the perspective of what other’s in the world go through everyday. Me to We is try to be apart of that solution.

“Me to We is designed to help support the work of our charitable partner Free The Children. Half of its annual profits on an annual basis are given to Free The Children with the other half reinvested to sustain the growth of the enterprise. Through Me to We, our dream is to bring Free The Children’s already low administrative rate down to zero, meaning 100% of all donations to Free The Children will go directly to projects.”

How do you react when a barista messes up on your drink?

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