New ‘Plain Terms’ Coffee Menu at UK Cafe

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Jason Coffee

Apparently the terms used in a coffee shop confuse 70 percent people when ordering. (According to the Debenhams press release.) If you fall into this category worry no longer. Debenhams has decided to use more descriptive names for their drinks.¬†So instead of espresso it will read, “A strong shot of coffee.”

New “Simplified” Coffee Menu

new coffee menu

Though it may be hard for me to identify, working in coffee since 2002, I really don’t think this will help cut down on confusing when ordering. If anything I believe it will amplify it. Debenhams serves over 100,000 coffee drinks are sold in over 160 cafes and coffee shops. Although I think the concept is a cool one, it reminds me of Starbucks tall, grande and venti but attempting to go in the opposite direction. Meaning when a Debenhams customers goes to a traditional coffee shop they might be searching for a ‘frothy coffee’ and that could be interpreted by the barista in a few different ways.

Learning the ways of the coffee culture is one of the things that made me fall in love with it. There is a romance that occurs when learning the terms, methods and¬†intricacies of coffee. Maybe I am a little biased because of my experience and history. I guess it’s a little to early to make snap judgements on something so trivial. I guess time will tell what kind of impact a change like this can have on the business and the industry.

What do you think of the new Coffee Menu?

Have you ever been confused by a Coffee Shop Menu? Would you like to see this type of menu at your local coffee shop?

[photo by Debenhams]


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  1. Scott

    Yeah, this might be a little too simple. BUT when I first started drinking expresso drinks, it would have helped me a LOT. Perhaps they could list the “real” name as well, in smaller print?