Dunn Bros Coffee Shop Review – Episode #196

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Jason Coffee

Mediocre Service at Dunn Bross

I was out hanging out with Rob Blue the other day and we decided to stop in at a coffeehouse around the corner called Dunn Bros. I have been here a few times in the past and it’s always been an average visit. In each visit there has been nothing negative to report but nothing spectacular either. This visit was a little different. As we walked up to the counter to order the person at the register looked at us and then walked away without saying a word. Rob looked at me and said, “Well I guess it’s going to be a bad review…”

Dunn Bros Coffee
535 East Red Bridge Road
Kansas City, MO 64131-4015

My Rating – 3.5 out of 5 Stars

Environment – 3.75 Stars
Customer Service – 4 Stars
Products – 3.5 Stars
Skill – 3 Stars
Wifi – 2 Stars

How we calculate the Rating

He soon came back to the register to take my order. I wanted a small brewed coffee but there were two to choose from so I asked him if he could tell me a little bit about each of them. The only info he could really offer was one was a dark roast and one was a light roast. I went with the Congo Full City.

Service Recovery

As I started to walk away from what was clearly a below average visit the barista from behind the bar said, “Jason?” It was hard for me to place where I new him from at first but then I realized I had met Brian at Benetti’s Coffee the day we did the Live Roasting Show. We started talking and he was able to answer some of my questions about their coffee. Apparently they have a roaster that is really starting to come into his own and their coffee is starting to taste better. I have yet to do an official review on their roasted coffee but the Congo Full City was pretty tasty but a little to light on the mid palate.

The thing that struck me most about this visit was the fact that I was going to leave giving this visit a 1.5 out of 5 but all it took was a brief genuine connection to turn it all around.

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  1. mommakoala

    I agree. I am finding the lack of “May I help you”, “please” and “thank-you” are lacking from customer service vocabulary.
    You know what I do. If they stare at me, I stare at them back. Finally they say something. If they forget “thank-you”, I say “You’re welcome” anyway.
    I’m probably that customer from H-E…double hockey sticks.

  2. kl jasus

    perhaps i’m glad we don’t have a dunn bros. coffee near me. i love going into any shop and realizing the person working there has a clue about where he is working and the product he is offering. sounds like this was not the case.

  3. Jenn

    Glad you liked Dunn Bros. The chain started across the street from where I went to college and I went to the original store quite a bit in its first years. There are a number of Dunn Bros in easy distance from me now and I have to say that all the baristias I’ve come across there have been very knowledgeable and friendly. I like the chain overall but there are some problems. The wifi does tend to be a bit sketchy and they do their own roasting in shop, which can make conversation difficult if you’re meeting friend there. Their beans, coffee and espresso drinks are always top notch though!

  4. Jcmartina

    A little bit of service can go a long long way. It is fortunate for this review that you were recognized, however if it were me or the guy down the street, we probably would have received the less than mediocre service you received before you were recognized.
    It is wonderful to hear that their roaster is “coming into his own”. Next time I am in the area I will consider stopping for a cup.