Costco Coffee – City of Fountains by The Roasterie

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Jason Coffee

This is a review of coffee from The Roasterie in Kansas City Missouri. This coffee is sold at Costco in a 2lb bag. The Roasterie has it’s own roasting plant here in Kansas City which is the City of Fountains.

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    • Anonymous

      Coffee actually helps with headaches, I really like the Costco blend it’s rick and cheaper b/c it’s in bulk of course :)

  1. Melody

    Hi Jason! Interesting review. “Grape” isn’t all that common of a coffee note – That blend must have some African beans in it? As always, I enjoy how you come up with really descriptive words for a coffee. Blueberry toast, did you say? I don’t think you said how much the 2 pound bag went for?? Thanks, ~Melody