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Coffee with a Purpose

Dave Baldwin and I have been friends for quite some time. We met here on Coffee Cup News and have continued to connect through facebook and twitter over the past couple years. Recently I attended Coffee Con and Dave ended up not only being there but staying in the same hotel as I. The only reason I mention all of the above is because online interactions help introduce and connect us with people we would otherwise never have a relationship with, but they can never truly convey how awesome that person really is. When I met Dave, at Coffee Con 2012, he was more charismatic, kind and fun then I would have otherwise known, had I not met him in person.  In the intro to this video Dan gives us a short back story for his coffee company. Dan has a daughter with down syndrome and she is the head roaster for Furnace Hills Coffee Company. He desires to be an encouragement to those that have a developmentally disabled family member, as well as give them a vision for what their family member could do in the coffee business.

Ethiopian Blend Family Tasting

Before we jump into the tasting notes I have to mention that I have a family that loves coffee. I feel really blessed and it’s a lot of fun around the Coffee house. Now before you judge me for letting my kids drink coffee, hear me out. (There was some discussion about this on YouTube so I figured I would cut it off a the pass.) When we taste coffee as a family, as we do most days, I only give my kids enough to have a couple sips. (Plus coffee doesn’t stunt your growth, that’s just a coffee myth.) It’s a fun, harmless family activity and it’s way better for them than a hot fudge sunday. (Though we do let them have those too, sometimes, but not daily…) Enough about my family dynamic!

As you can see from the lively video above, we all really liked the coffee. Ethiopian Blend was very smooth and had a nice cranberry and raspberry overtones. This is a coffee that I could drink on a regular basis and, as my wife Chassy pointed out, would be an amazing compliment to a desert that contained chocolate fruit or both. If you are looking for a coffee that is on the darker end of the roasting spectrum and want to buy from someone I consider a friend then give Furnace Hills Coffee Company a try.

What does your family like to do together?

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  1. Chris Sullivan

    Dave’s mission for life and his commitment to the disadvantaged has made me an advocate of Furnace Hills Coffee company – thank you for helping spread the word regarding this incredible coffee and a mans incredible mission.

    I have had the honor of getting to know Dave and Erin over the past couple of years, and what an honor it is to see his dream gaining traction… not to mention roasting some incredible coffee to boot.

    Thank you for taking the time to spread the word

    Chris Sullivan
    CEO & President
    TradeWind Sales Media