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The big questions of my life have nearly all been solved over a cup of coffee. I am a coffee lover. I am addicted to the warm, sweet, and fiery smell of an Italian roasted espresso. It smells like coffee should smell and tastes like coffee should taste. A good coffee coats your tongue like warm blanket on a cold day. Every time life threw me a little curve, I would run to the familiar comfort of the coffee house. That’s where my thoughts were clear. The smell opened the pores of my brain. Here in the comfort of this hot liquid counselor I could just be and not worry till I saw the inside of my porcelain cup.

Almost without fail I would have a handle on the problem as I sipped the last of the comforting java nectar from the cup. These questions were as mundane as the daily grind and as complex as what the next step of a relationship should be but they always washed down better with a cup of joe. When I shared this habit with a friend who was downtrodden with worry I watched as her trouble dissipated with each sip of the latte that she had ordered from our uppity hipster espresso joint. We continued this shared experience of problem solving and imbibing nature’s cure in a cup with more and more friends. We sipped cappuccinos, lattes, and mochas at many different local independent and corporate establishments. The common dominator was problems are more easily managed with coffee and company.

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How does coffee help you?

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I am a comfort addict. I love things that make me feel cozy and happy. My life is very real. I am married to a hard working man that I actually wished for...there is proof! I'm a firm believer that dreams do come true and miracles happen every day. I have three miracles that call me mom! My house is multi-generational which means in addition to my children I also care for my aging parents and two rambunctious dogs! I NEED coffee. It is a necessity that I can not give up. Welcome to my social take on this amazing little bean that we wouldn't know about had it not been for a crazy goat!

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