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4 Main Terms in Tasting Coffee

1). Acidity The sensation of dryness in the back and under the edges of your mouth. This is a desirable quality and not to be confused with sour (which is considered a bad quality of coffee). Acidity creates a lively, bright taste which without it, the coffee would taste flat.

2.)AromaVery had to seperate from Flavor. Without aroma, we could only taste sweet, sour, bitter and salty. This is where we get the subtle differences such as floral, nutty or fruity.

3.)BodyThe way the coffee feels in your mouth. The best way to describe it is the comparison to how whole milk feels in on your tongue compared to water. If you are unsure as to the level of body in the different coffees, add an equal amount of milk to each one and the one with the heavier body will retain more of its flavor when diluted.

4.)FlavorThe overall perception of the 3 terms above. We will break this down in more detail in Part Four.

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