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Jason Coffee

starbucks_cup Reusable Iced Starbucks Cup

This Starbucks Iced Cup was HUGE at Starbucks this last summer. It is just like the in store Iced Cups but are reusable, durable and come with their own reusable straw. When you use this cup not only do you save a cup and a straw the trip to the dump, you also save 10 cents every time you bring it in and use it instead of the normal iced cup. (That is $36.50 a year if you get a drink every day.) This cup’s popularity can only be matched by it’s price tag. Originally this cup was around $15 but if you want one now it will be a cool $45 minimum to get your hands on one.

coffee-air-freshenerCoffee Cup Air Freshener

This looks really cool and I think I am going to order one very soon. It looks to be an air freshener for your car that hangs from the rear view mirror. I am not sure if it is coffee scented or not but either way this is a cool way to rock a fresh scent. And with a price tag of only $3.40, how can I pass it up? :)

Have you seen any cool Coffee Stuff lately? I would love to hear about it in the comments.

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  1. EnviroFusion

    You can make your own air freshner by hanging an organza bag filled with freshly roasted coffe beans. Might be around the same amount cost wise but probably more environmental.

  2. Neil

    Nice, almost makes me wish I had one of the iced coffee cups. I’m with you on the air freshener as well. I guess even if it is not coffee scented you could use it until it stops smelling and then just keep a perforated bag of roasted beans in your car.