Coffee Siphon : Top 5 Ways To Brew Coffee

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Jason Coffee

I have been experimented and tested different ways to brew coffee since 2008. Over all that time I have compiled a list of my top 5 ways to brew coffee. The coffee siphon is a brew method that has stood the test of time through all of the different phases of brewing coffee I have been through.

coffee siphon

Coffee Siphon

The coffee siphon might seen a bit intimidating when you first lay eyes on it. It looks like a chemistry experiment and technically it is but it is a lot more fun and easy than you might think after first laying eyes on it. Plus, it really does produce an excellent tasting cup of coffee.

Vacuum Coffee Pot

The coffee siphon is actually a vacuum coffee brew method. It does it’s work by building up pressure when boiling the water and thus pushes the water to the top, where the coffee brewing takes place. After the heat is removed the water and coffee are filtered through the middle filter and the coffee settles in the bottom ready to enjoy.

Who should buy the Coffee Siphon?

I would highly recommend the Coffee Siphon to anyone wanted to take their coffee brewing to the next level. It requires a little bit of finess but once you hone in your technique it is well worth the results.

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  1. bwalklet

    I’ve yet to try “siphoned” coffee in my life.

    What temperature would you say the water is at when it makes contact with the grounds? Considering the water needs to boil before being forced to the top…is the water boiling when it hits the coffee?