There are three categories in which coffee is reviewed and scored on Coffee Cup News. This is different from what you might find anywhere else in the world. (The scale maybe the same but the way we approach it is different.) It all goes back to Jason’s inclusive mindset when considering how to structure Coffee Cup News, it’s content and community. We meet people where they are at. We desire for our rating system to be approachable and easy to understand in order to help people find the coffee that best fits their lifestyle.

Coffee Review Categories

That said the scoring in the coffee categories is through the lens of that said category. For example, This means that when we are score a pre-ground coffee a perfect 10 it is not the same quality as a whole bean coffee that is a 100. What we are saying is that that perfect 10 is versus what the current known full potential for a pre-ground coffee is.

However, each category is scored on the same criteria: Aroma, Body, Acidity, Flavor and Aftertaste. Below we have listed the point scale for the different categories of coffee give scores for.

Instant Coffee

Scored on a 5 point scale.

Pre-ground, K-Cup or Pods

Scored on 10 point scale.

Whole Bean

Scored on a 100 point scale.